The “Celebrity Rehab 3” cast featured familiar and not-so-notable names. The 2009 cast included a sports figure, model, country singer, beauty queen, 70s hit-show actress and a reality show star. The diversity sent the message that addiction can happen to anyone.  “Celebrity Rehab 3” cast stayed for 21 days at the Pasadena Recovery Center in California.

  1. Dr. Drew Pinsky. The doctor doesn’t just play one on TV. In real life, Dr. Drew Pinsky is an internist with a private practice in California. He received his board certification in addiction medicine. Pinsky led the “Celebrity Rehab 3” cast into confronting their addictions.

  2. Dennis Rodman. Basketball star Dennis Rodman sought treatment for alcohol abuse. Throughout the show, he was reluctant to call himself an alcoholic. Pinsky believe that Rodman needed to see physical evidence of his drinking, so he ordered Rodman to undergo a brain scan. The results showed physical brain damage from his alcohol abuse. He was the most emotionally distant member of the "Celebrity Rehab 3" cast.

  3. Heidi Fleiss. Famous for running a high-profile prostitution ring in the late 90s, Heidi Fleiss sought treatment for drug addiction. The presence of former boyfriend Tom Sizemore made her stay at the center a challenge. She talked about how she didn’t like people and her affinity for her pet birds. Fleiss also left treatment early, but eventually returned.

  4. Joey Kovar. “Real World Hollywood” star Joey Kovar spent time in and out of alcohol rehabilitation before appearing on the show. He told Pinsky that he also did cocaine and ecstasy. Kovar told Pinsky that he wanted to get sober for his child and girlfriend. At the end of the series, Kovar told Pinsky that he would attend 12-Step groups.

  5. Kari Ann Peniche. Viewers saw former Miss USA Teen Kari Ann Peniche enter the rehab during the fourth episode. She said that her addiction was crystal meth. Toward the end of the series, she left treatment. During her short time away, she went home and destroyed her drug paraphernalia. Peniche returned to the center and stayed for the rest of the series.

  6. Lisa D’Amato. Known for her role as a model on “America’s Top Model,” Lisa D’Amato dealt with her drug abuse and childhood abuse on the show.  She told Pinsky that she once did so much speed that she didn’t sleep for two weeks. D’Amato said that she would go home and try to stay sober by going to 12-Step meetings.

  7. Mackenzie Phillips. “One Day at a Time” actress Mackenzie Phillips sought treatment for her drug addiction. At one point during the series, the actress showed Pinsky her wrecked house, including the blood on her ceiling. Pinsky arranged for Phillips’ house to be redone, so she could have a fresh start. Phillips had to put her beloved dog to sleep during the course of treatment.

  8. Mike Starr. The former bassist for the grunge group “Alice in Chains” went through a difficult drug withdrawal process at the beginning of the series. Pinsky worked with Starr, who harbored guilt over the death of “Alice in Chains” lead singer Layne Staley. Although he made progress, Pinsky told viewers that he was worried about the musician. He slid back into his addiction and died on March 8, 2011.

  9. Mindy McCready. Country singer Mindy McCready told Dr. Pinsky and the “Celebrity Rehab 3” cast about her drug addiction. During the third episode, she had an on-camera seizure. At the end, she told the rest of the “Celebrity Rehab 3” cast that she planned on attending Al-Anon as part of her aftercare plan.

  10. Tom Sizemore. Actor Tom Sizemore described his drug addiction during the series. He left the center, and then returned during the fourth episode. Pinsky believed that his girlfriend served as a trigger for him to go back to his addiction. He told the “Celebrity Rehab 3” cast that he would continue his recovery when treatment was done.