"Cathouse" on HBO has only a handful of episodes. It is a documentary series featuring prostitutes and their day to day lives. Each woman has a back story and they all want their voices to be heard. The best episodes on HBO's "Cathouse" aren't episode with loud shouts, rather, whispers of the women's lives and how they want to simply be happy.

  1. "No Sex Please" The Series 07. With this episode of HBO's "Cathouse," Chantel Lace comes to the Bunny Ranch. Her reputation, however, arrived much earlier than she did. Chantel is known for her bondage themed sex-capades. As the viewer begins to understand how Chantel works, it becomes clear that her fetish themed sex involves very little sex at all. This "Cathouse" episode shows prostitution without sex being involved due to Chantel's brilliant business mindset. In this "Cathouse" episode there is also a two day long bachelor party involving a celebrity that all of the girls get together for. Also, Max decides to test the sexuality of a gay male client who just lost his partner.

  2. "Shes Got Game" The Series 05. In this episode of HBO's "Cathouse," we get to look into the all-time favorite girl, Air Force Amy. She has been considered to be the top earning girl at the Bunny Ranch. This "Cathouse" episode also explores the pros and cons of natural chests versus enhanced chests. They understand that each client has a preference no matter what. We are also introduced to Vandalia and Leila. They are exotic and love to show off their best assets. HBO's "Cathouse" is all about shedding light onto taboo subjects, so it isn't any wonder why Isabella Soprano is introduced. She is the favorite for all gay women clients. This episode explores what it takes to please the gay female. Also, this episode of "Cathouse" looks into the latest technology in the sex toy realm. They discuss the innovative "Sex Chair" as well as the "G-ring" which only ends with multiple orgasms.

-Amanda Ferguson