"Cake Boss" cakes are made by Buddy Valastro, Jr. of "The Cake Boss" reality TV series on the TLC network. He and his team are known for their artistic mastery in Carlos' Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. It is there that some of the most extraordinary cakes that have ever been created are made for customers lucky enough to get them by the owner, his mother, three brothers-in-law and his four older sisters. Below are some of the most magnificent efforts showcased so far on "The Cake Boss."

Rhinoceros and Mechanical Bull.

The rhinoceros cake featured luster dust for its coat, with realistic toe-nails, modeling chocolate for trees and crushed cookies to resemble dirt on the landscape. The mechanical bull cake presented similar challenges as one of the more interesting cake boss cakes that the team designed, as a life-sized replica of what is often seen in popular country and western bars.

Wedding Doves.

The wedding doves cake was an extraordinary effort, requiring that "The Cake Boss" and team carefully transport and assemble a towering wedding cake that actually had live doves released from it into the air above as amazed guests looked on.

Fireman's Rescue.

The fireman’s cake, made to honor the service of their neighborhood firemen, saw "The Cake Boss" team dealing with a downpour as they transported the cake to the local Fireman’s Association. The realistic looking smoke from an erupting fire in a large building brought tears to the eyes of some of the attendees.

NASA's Birthday and Make a Wish.

NASA's birthday cake was one of the biggest challenges for "The Cake Boss," as one of the  biggest cakes they’d ever made, The pressure was on as the team strategized on how to get the cake to blast off. The “Make A Wish” kids cake featured a hot air balloon, which was especially touching since Buddy's niece had brain surgery to cure a seizure disorder. His sister and her husband were later speakers for New Jersey's "Walk for Wishes" event.

Race Car.

The race car cake commissioned be Paul Sapienza of the Retail Bakers Association of America (RBA) was by far the most massive cake boss cake effort that the team had ever attempted at the time. Created with vanilla pound cake, they used a staggering 2,400 half-sheets, equal to approximately 20,000 pounds. Butter cream, cereal treats, and 50 yards of fondant was also needed. With edible paper for the cake logos gracing the sides, the massive cake was then driven to Charlotte in a box truck.

As one of the most passionate bakers in the world, “The Cake Boss” continues to delight audiences both on tour and on television, as the wildly popular cable TV reality series continues.