The Biggest Loser, where are they now? Each season of the "Biggest Loser" has one or two winners. These are the winners who lose the most pounds by the end of the season. In light of the unreliability of many dieting and weight loss plans, people want to know who has kept the pounds off and what they've been doing after the big moment on television. You'll find the scoop here. 

Andrea Baptiste. Andrea began "Biggest Loser" season one at 215 pounds and finished at 156 pounds. Andrea is now the founder of The Lotus Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting health and wellness within poor and minority communities. She is also a talk show host in the Boston area. 

Mark Wylie. Mark dropped 129 pounds to a final weight of 178 pounds in season three of the "Biggest Loser." Mark has worked as the Best Buddies organization's Vice President of Talent Relations since 1989. Best Buddies is a pal program that links people with developmental disabilities with volunteer young adults and college students. Wylie now runs a workout program for the organization's clients. Keep an eye out for his exercise DVDs and children's book. 

Hollie Self. Hollie Self began the "Biggest Loser" season four at 255 pounds and shed 105 of those pounds on the show. Where is Hollie now? She later scored a job on the production staff of the "Biggest Loser" show. 

Roger Schultz. Roger lost 165 pounds on the show and later gained another 35 pounds. Roger became the official coach of a statewide government weight loss program called "Scale Back Alabama." Like some of the other "Biggest Losers," Roger started a nonprofit. This nonprofit is dedicated to ending childhood obesity.


O'Neal Hampton. O'Neil lost 159 pounds during Biggest Loser season nine, leaving the set at 230 pounds. O'Neal is now the founder of the O'Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation and co-founder of Fitness North, both of which are in Minnesota. Fitness North is on the beautiful north shore of Lake Superior. O'Neal lives in Minneapolis.