"The Biggest Loser" protein powder is part of a line of products promoted by the popular weight loss TV show, "The Biggest Loser." The "NBC" show sells yoga and  exercise DVDs, water bottles, T-shirts, cookbooks and other items that appeal to their niche audience. 

Each serving of "Biggest Loser" protein powder contains whey protein isolate and prebiotic fiber. The whey protein isolate, a biproduct of cheese, easily assimilates into the body and contains large amounts of amino acids for muscle building. It is essentially free of carbohydrates and fat. Prebiotic fiber is non-digestible and serves to curb hunger and to promote digestive health by stimulating the growth of helpful bacteria. 

"Designer Whey" is the company that produces "Biggest Loser" Protein Powder for the "NBC" program's product line. The powder comes in chocolate, vanilla bean, red raspberry and blueberry flavors. You have your choice of a ten ounce can or a box of packets. Each serving contains 40 calories, six grams of protein and seven grams of carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrate material is fiber. The powder contains no fat and one gram of sugar. The sweet flavor comes from natural sweeteners such as agave. Calcium and vitamins are also added. The total number of servings in a ten ounce can is 17. 

You can think of the "Biggest Loser" Protein Powder as a health drink mix. To use it, you scoop one serving into an eight ounce glass of water and stir it. You can also mix fruit into the shake for extra health benefits. Normally, you drink a protein shake as a replacement for a meal. You can also take it with a meal as an alternative protein source if you don't want to eat greasy high calorie meat products.