Learn more about "Biggest Loser" host. You know her name is Alison Sweeney, and she is encouraging to those trying to lose weight. She does a pretty good job of hosting the show, keeping the flow of each weigh in exciting and rewarding to find out. Like other celebrities, Alison Sweeney got her acting career started somewhere. She may be attractive and fit, but that doesn't mean staying in shaped comes easy for her. It means she can sort of relate to the contestants on "Biggest Loser" on another level to a degree.

  1. Longest career move in Soaps. Alison Sweeney was on the soap "Days of Our Lives" for a good 10 years. She played the part of Sami. She won a few awards for her acting ability on the soap. Even more interesting is that she has never been the Hollywood standard in size. For at least part of her time on Days, she was about a size 12. She carried the weight pretty well.

  2. Where Alison Sweeney got her start. When Alison was just 5, she got the part in a Kodak advertisement. From there she got a part in the movie "Tales From the Dark Side." She continued to get parts. She got the part of Sami in 1993, which would have made her about 17. She is currently 34.

  3. Alison Sweeney as a replacement. The original host for "Biggest Loser" was Carolina Rhea. Alison Sweeney took over as host in 2007. Apparently, she was surprise to be offered the role as host of "Biggest Loser". She was very happy to accept and really enjoys sharing the accomplishments of all the contestants losing weight and reaching goals.

  4. Success of the "Biggest Loser". The audience of "Biggest Loser" must like Alison Sweeney every bit as much if not more than Carolina Rhea because ratings are staying strong. Plus, if you watch an episode of "Biggest Loser", you hear yourself just how positive and support she gives to the weigh - in portion of the show.