"The Biggest Loser" episodes have garnered a lot of popularity over the years from people just like you who tune in each week to see how the contestants are doing. It should come as no surprise that “The Biggest Loser” is now in its eleventh season. This season opened January 2011 on NBC with a few new surprises for you to check out. Some of the most popular episodes you definitely don't want to miss include:

Episode 1118 of “The Biggest Loser.” The show opens with the contestants walking into the gym and hearing horse hooves. Hannah figures out that it's Tim Gunn coming to give them all a makeover. Gunn calls himself the Fairy Godfather and tells them he has three surprises, one of which is a fairytale makeover.  You'll have to watch the episode in order to find out what the other surprises are.

Episode 1120 of “The Biggest Loser.” This is the final four: Hannah, Irene, Jay and Olivia. With only one week left, Olivia and Hannah decide that the purple team represents those who don’t fit into a box. They feel as though if you can dream it, you can obtain it. You won't want to miss this highly motivational episode.

Episode 1119 of “The Biggest Loser.” This is the week when the contestants learn who have made it into the final four. Hannah looks back at the huge shirt she wore during week one, which she and her sister Olivia can now both fit into at the same time. The sisters resolve not to go home this week while Jay promises to redeem himself. However, it is Final Exams Week and each trainer has a test for the contestants to be graded upon and win a huge prize in the end. Find out how your favorite contestant will score on the exam.

Episode 1117 of “The Biggest Loser.” The contestants return to the ranch from New Zealand. Austin really misses his dad who was eliminated last week and feels as though he will have failed him if he were to be eliminated this week.  Find out just how strong this bond is. Do you think it was strong enough to keep Austin from being eliminated?  You'll have to watch this episode to find out.

Episode 1113 of “The Biggest Loser.” Kaylee is ready to talk to the house and move on with life. She believes there is a reason why she is still there. Hannah reminds her that everyone envies the fact that she feels so strong and everyone is also ready to go home. Moses tells them that his daughter is sick of the game playing. Everyone unites and enters the gym where Alison shows them a video of the day when they first learned that they would be on the show. Many are moved to tears as they see just how far they’ve come. You may even find yourself moved to tears when you see this episode.