"The Biggest Loser: Couples" cast includes many types of couples, not just the romantic type. Parents and kids, siblings, friends, and married or unmarried couples can participate. Even though the contestants sign up together, they compete independently. Read about five of the most inspiring "The Biggest Loser: Couples" cast members here.

Arthur Arthur Wornum started out on "The Biggest Loser" cast at 507 pounds. He had actually been as high as 646 pounds in 2009 but managed to lose enough weight to become eligible for the show. By the end of the ten weeks, Arthur shed a whopping and wonderful 163 pounds for an overall weight out 344 pounds. For Arthur, this is spectacular progress.

Rulon Rulon Gardner, 39, was a big boy on the yellow team with his buddy, Justin. Rulon used to be an Olympic wrestler. He started "The Biggest Loser" contest at an unhealthy 474 pounds. He ended up losing over 188 pounds.

Justin Justin Pope, also 39, started out on "The Biggest Loser" cast as a 365-pound guy but no longer carries around 173 pounds, weighing 192 pounds at the finale.

Hannah Hannah Ward, 32, started at a hefty 248 pounds. Her face was always cute, but now her body matches. She is fit at a trim 128 pounds, dyed her hair blonde and earned herself the title of “bombshell.”

Olivia Olivia, 35, won the competition. Gone is the round moon face she started with. Olivia owned "The Biggest Loser" competition. She started at 261 pounds and peeled down to an astonishing 132, which means she lost 49.43 percent of her original weight! She took off the poundage in all the right places, too. Can you say, “Hot?” Olivia deserved her win, big time!