These  "Big Brother" spoilers of 2010 all reveal the great moments and excitement packed into the 2010 episodes. If you are looking for insight to what 2010 had in store, then these spoilers will help you see the excitement of the 2010 episodes. Each of these spoilers expose the thrilling suspense of each episode.

Suspenseful beginnings: The 2010 season begins with a new set of houseguests. The exciting and suspenseful head of household competition is won  by Hayden who later nominates two housemates for eviction. This "Big Brother" spoiler of 2010 represents the drama and chaos the entire season has in store.

Drama: This season's saboteur causes drama and chaos throughout the house. Later in the season, Ragan chooses to replace the old saboteur and takes on his first sabotage mission. This "Big Brother" 2010 spoiler reveals only a portion of the drama 2010 had in store for the show.

Winnings: Rachel wins the Head of Household competition in season twelve's fifth episode, leading to changes for the rest of the season. The next episode reveals that Britney wins the Power of Veto, choosing against rescuing nominees. Later Brendon wins as Head of Household and brings many changes to the house. This "Big Brother" spoiler of 2010 shows you the ongoing changes and competitions that took place that year.

Strange and humerous: This "Big Brother" spoiler of 2010 reveals the tremendously odd and comedic events that ensued in 2010. For instance, when Lane opens the pandora box the entire house is forbidden from using utensils for a week, is forced to speak via sock puppets, and must dance whenever anyone plays music. Further, in a Cinco de Mayo(nnaise) competition, the guests dig letters from mayonnaise pinatas aroud the backyard.

Finale: The Season 12 finale occurs at the end of 2010, where the jury votes between Hayden and Lane in the final Head of Household competition. In a four to three vote, Hayden wins the $500,00 prize as head of household. It's a truly thrilling end to an extensive competition. This "Big Brother" spoiler of 2010 shows you there is no reason anyone should miss a minute of this show's 2010 episodes.