The “Basketball Wives” cast is feisty, gorgeous and unpredictable. The hugely popular cast of seven women, married to or otherwise associated with the men of basketball, makes “Basketball Wives” a cable TV hit. VH1’s show premiered its third season in May 2011 with the mercurial “Basketball Wives” cast promising more fussing, feuding and hormonal hullabaloo.

Shaunie O'Neal Shaunie O’Neal was married to basketball great Shaquille O'Neal from 2002 until 2010. This mother of five had four children with O'Neal and is the creator and executive producer of the show. Shaunie created "Basketball Wives" to give an insider’s view of the sometimes glamorous, sometimes rough life with basketball playing men. When not busy with kids and the reality show, Shaunie works on her own shoe line and is actively promoting social causes for women and children.

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn's career began when she helped serve a celebrity client roster as administrative assistant for an entertainment attorney. Evelyn was engaged to troubled NBA player Antoine Walker for ten years and is part owner of the shoe boutique Dulce in Coral Gables, Florida. Evelyn's antics in season two caused big drama among the “Basketball Wives” cast.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer is from posh South Orange, New Jersey, a suburb of New York. When she is not at work as part of the “Basketball Wives” cast, she sells real estate and manages her fitness business, Flirty Girl Fitness. Jennifer founded and supports Project Save the World, a non-profit organization that supports for Haiti earthquake victims and breast cancer patients.

Tami Roman

Mercurial Tami Roman is no stranger to reality shows or acting. Before she lent her passionate persona to the “Basketball Wives” cast, she appeared on “Real World” at age 22. By the time the show's run was over, she had met Kenny Anderson, the athlete she would marry. Tami grew up rough in Whiteplains, New York City. She and her mother were homeless for a time during Tami’s last year of high school. With many acting credits to her name, Tami Roman has played recurring roles on “Moonlight,” “Summerland" and "Sex, Love, and Secrets." She appeared on "Jag," "Drew Carey" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Project Girl is Tami’s charity that works to help girls build self-esteem.

Suzie Ketcham

Suzie has a globe-trotting life. Though she now lives in Miami, she previously called Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New Jersey home. At Pepperdine University she met Michael Olowokondi. During her ten years as Olowokondi’s partner, the couple had two children. This “Basketball Wives” cast member works with various charities and dabbles in real estate.