It’s time for some of last season's Bachelorette spoilers. Surely you can’t wait anymore to find out who remains or who left the house. Here you’ll find all the details you need to know about this year's Bachelorette, from the first elimination round to the final decision day. Let’s get started.

Week One – First elimination Round. Twenty five guys enter the mansion, and are thrilled to see who the bachelorette is: Ali Fedotowsky. She’s known for having participated in season fourteen of "The Bachelor". Competition starts and everybody tries to get a moment with her. Unfortunately, eight guys have to go home. Those who were eliminated are: Dereck, Jason, Jay, John N., Kyle, Phil, Tyler M., and Derrick. Those pass to the next round are: Kasey, Jonathan, Craig, Hunter, Chris H., Chris N., John C, Kirk, Chris L, Steve, Frank, Tyler V, Craig R., Ty, Jesse, Justin, and Roberto.

Week Two – Photo shoot. The contestants go on their first date with Ali. They have to put on their Speedos and pose for a calendar photo session. Frank gets the one-on-one time. Chris Hasek-Watt, Craig and Tyler are eliminated.

Week three – Video shoot. This time Ali and her suitors go to a music video shooting full of girls in sexy bikinis. They all participate, and Roberto gets the rose for the one-on-one time. Steve, John and Hunter’s attempt to win Ali’s heart ends here.

Week four – New York. Ali and the guys fly to New York. This time the group date takes place in Broadway, where they see a Lion King piece. Things are getting more serious and Kasey gets a tattoo in order to prove his love for Ali. He gets the individual date while Jesse and Jonathan are sent home.

Week Five – Iceland. The show moves on to Iceland. This time there are only seven guys remaining. Kirk wins the poem challenge and he gets the one-on-one time with Ali. For the group date, they go for an excursion into a cave. Chris and Kasey are eliminated.

Week Six – Turkey. In this episode a scandal takes the whole group's attention: Ali finds out that Justin has a girlfriend back home and he gets eliminated immediately. Ty and Frank get the individual date with her, while Craig R. joins Justin since he’s eliminated.

Week Seven – Portugal. Ali and the guys are now in Portugal, where Roberto gets the individual date with Ali in an enormous medieval castle. Frank and Ty get the two-on-one date and they perform on the streets like locals. Ty is eliminated leaving just four men in competition.

Week Eight – Meting the pretender’s parents. With only four guys left in competition, it’s time to meet their hometowns and their families. Ali goes to Wisconsin (Kirk’s hometown); Chicago (Frank’s), Florida (Roberto’s) and Cape Cod (Chris’s). Ali doesn’t get along with Kirk’s family, so he is sent back home.

Week Nine – Tahiti. The three remaining guys and Ali fly to Tahiti to have overnight dates. Each one of them gets to spend time with Ali in a paradise cottage. While having his date, Frank tells Ali that he still has feelings for his ex. This breaks Ali’s heart and she sends him home immediately.

Week ten – Final Decision. Chris and Roberto are the top two suitors, and they have one last shot to prove they’re really into Ali in a final date. Chris dines with Ali in a beautiful hotel and spends the night there. The next day, Roberto spends the day with her. Who gets chosen at the end of the day? Roberto is the winner. He proposes to Ali and she accepts him, in a dramatic finale.