The Ali Fedotowsky bio is one that many women can identify with from all over the country as she is an all-American girl who was cast on the sixth season of "The Bachelor." She is a well-known contestant on that show as she left in the middle of the season, even though the star Bachelor was very interested in her. She was so well-liked by those who watched the show that ABC cast her in the popular spin-off as "The Bachelorette," where Ali tries to find love through a similar process. The Ali Fedotowsky bio shows who Ali was before she was cast on these life-changing reality shows.

Grew up in Williamstown, Massachusetts. This aspect of Ali Fedotowsky shows that she is from the New England area and has those New England ideals and morals that are synonymous with many American girls. It is an important basis for who she is as a person.

High school personality. Ali Fedotowsky's bio also states that she attended the private Mount Greyloc High School, where she was a star athlete and student. This aspect of Ali Fedotowsky's bio shows that she can work hard for herself and with other people towards a particular goal, which is important in a person who you might want to spend the rest of your life with.

Clark University Standout. This trend of good grades and great athletics continued into college, where she had a 4.0 at Clark University and was a stand out in the psychology program. This ability in psychology also shows that she understands why people do certain things and what their psychology is.

Her parents are still together. The part of Ali Fedotowsky's bio that states her parents are still together is one of the most important parts for people who are thinking about marrying her. It shows she comes from a good relationship that has stuck together these days.

Works at Facebook. Ali Fedotowsky's bio also states that she works an advertising sales job at Facebook. This means she is a hard worker, who has a good job and salary that can support a family in the future, if necessary.

- Eli Kooris