It’s time for some of the latest "The Bachelor" spoilers for this season. Here you can ease your doubts and concerns about the future love of our newest Bachelor: Brad Womack. You’ll get the most important facts occurring since the first elimination round towards the final decision day. You don’t have to wait anymore, let’s get started.

  1. Week One - First Elimination Round. The thirty girls enter the mansion and are delighted to find out that Brad Womack is this season's Bachelor. The competition starts, and every girl fights for a moment with the Bachelor. They all know that in this phase it’s all about first impression. Those who pass to the next round are: Chantal, Emily, Alli, Ashley S, Meghan, Marissa, Lindsay, Ashley H, Raichel, Madison, Melissa, Renee, Cristy, Jackie, Sarah P, Lacey, Lauren, Lisa P, Shawntel, and Britnee. Girls who are eliminated include: Stace, Keltie, Sarah L, Emily, Britt, Michelle, Jill, Lisa M, and Rebbeca J.

  2. Week Two – Filming Sketches and Spa. Brad goes out with all the girls divided into two groups. With the first group, he filmed sketches for a humanitarian cause, and he went for a treatment spa with the second group. Jackie and Ashley H got to have a one on one date. Lisa P, Shawntel and Britnee are eliminated.

  3. Week three – Seal’s appearance. Famous singer Seal’s performs for the Bachelor in a date with Ashley S. Later, he went out with the group of girls to a fake film acting. Girls eliminated this week are Madison, Kimberly and Sarah P.

  4. Week four – Catalina Island and Radio Show. Chantal got the one on one time with Brad. They flew to Catalina Island and spent the day there. Next day, Brad went with the complete group of girls to a radio show where they discussed how things and feelings were so far. Stacey, Megan and Linsday were eliminated.

  5. Week Five – Las Vegas. Brad and the eleven remaining girls go to Las Vegas. Shawntel got the one on one time with Brad, and they shopped during the day followed by a romantic dinner. The group date was held in a car racing circuit. Three girls go home: Ashley S, Lisa M and Marissa.

  6. Week six- Costa Rica. The show moves this time to Costa Rica. Chantal got the individual date once more and she went with Brad on a helicopter ride. He went to the waterfalls with the other girls. Jackie and Alli didn’t make it to the next round.

  7. Week Seven – Anguilla. We’re getting close to the finale! Brand and the girls spend the week in the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Emily, Shawntel and Britt got the individual dates. The other three girls went with Brad to a Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Michelle and Britt are eliminated leaving only four girl fighting for Brad’s heart.

  8. Week Eight – Meeting Parents. It’s time to meet each girl's parents, so Brad flies to each of their hometowns in order to do so. Shawntel is eliminated.

  9. Week Nine – Meeting the Bachelor’s Family. This week things go the other way around: the contenders fly to Cape Town, South Africa to meet Brad’s family. Each girl has dinner with his parents and they let Brad know what they think of them. Ashley H is sent home. It's down to the final two girls!

  10. Week Ten – Giving the final Rose. Still in South Africa, Brad goes on a final date with Emily and Chantal individually. The date with Emily is a helicopter tour through the city. The date with Chantal consists of an outdoors day in the nature. The moment of truth has arrived and it’s time to pick the girl he’ll propose to. Emily is the chosen one and she receives the final rose and the ring.

- Manuel Paucar