The "Bachelor Pad" cast for ABC's new reality series "Bachelor Pad" will, not surprisingly, have all the memorable personalities from past seasons of the hit reality dating series "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" and pile them all into a house together to compete against each other in order to win $250,000 and possibly a second chance at love. Despite being despicably enjoyable television, the "Bachelor Pad" cast has some of the sexiest people and craziest people selected to be part of the show, ensuring a large amount of drama and audience appeal. Check out the list below to see who will be on "Bachelor Pad" in order to decide if it is really worth an hour of your time.

Ashley E. 

Ashley E. was from "The Bachelor" season 14. This "Bachelor Pad" cast member surprised her Bachelor Jake in a flight attendant outfit, showing off her sexy, sparky attitude and personality. She should be a fun addition to the "Bachelor Pad" cast.

Craig M. 

This "Bachelor Pad" cast member was a villain in the sixth season of "The Bachelorette" and was an arch-rival to Jonathon N., who will also be a "Bachelor Pad" cast member. Prepare to see some tension between these two guys on the show.

Elizabeth K. 

This "Bachelor Pad" cast member was labeled a tease by Jake on Season 14 of "The Bachelor," as she asked Jake to make out with her forehead and was eliminated shortly thereafter. Will she try to not be a tease in this new series?

Gwen G. 

From the second season of "The Bachelor" this sweetheart had her heart broken on the show. Now this "Bachelor Pad" cast member is a little older and a little wiser and should be someone to root for the second time around.

Juan B. 

Juan was best known from "The Bachelorette" season 5 where he butted heads with just about everyone on the show. Now as a "Bachelor Pad" cast member, he will have to change his attitude significantly if he wants to have a shot at winning the competition.

Natalie G. 

Best known for being a bit of a moron in "The Bachelor" season 13, Natalie will be a fun to watch as a "Bachelor Pad" cast member. She's also reportedly slept around with a number of the other contestants, adding to the drama.