Are you Keeping Up? Who Is Scott Disick?

Sunday, September 25 by Sandi Harrison

Who is Scott Disick?

If you’ve ever watched “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, you can answer the question "Who is Scott Disick?" If you don’t watch the show, Scott Disick is a reality TV star who had a baby with Kourtney Kardashian. Scott’s goal growing up was to prove that even if he was worthless and lied to those that love him, he could be seen on TV. He fulfilled that goal when he appeared with the Kardashians.

Born in Eastport, Long Island, New York, Scott Disick attended a private school in the Hamptons. Scott Disick's parents inherited money from their parents but spent it and recently their home in Long Island was foreclosed. He is well known for his extravagant lifestyle with his fancy canes, three-piece suits and bowties, and his luxury cars. He’s also had a few drunken brawls at some of the clubs and has been seen cavorting with several women. Word has it that he manipulates women into doing what he wants them to do.

Who is Scott Disick? Scott and Kourtney Kardashian

Rumor has it that Scott is about to start his own reality TV show, but there is no confirmation. In a recent interview with Men’s Fitness, Scott Disick said that now he has a son he is trying to change his image, because he has not had the greatest reputation. Those working around him say they don’t see much evidence of him changing. Recently his aide brought him the wrong pair of underwear and he went off.

Kourtney and Scott are presently broken up after Kourtney caught him cheating on her. Being known as a cheater will stay with Scott Disick for a long time.

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