"The Apprentice" winners are picked up from each episode and are explicitly mentioned in the subsequent sections. Following the success of many reality shows based on celebrity participation and involving huge proceeds that go to charity, "The Apprentice" premiered on the NBC at primetime and was unparalleled in popularity among several other celebrity shows on national TV. Celebrities are required to form two teams which have to perform a set number of tasks. The winner will be determined by many factors that include team spirit, participation and job completion. The victorious team will be given a cash prize that has to be given to their charity sponsorship. 

  1. "Hot Dog Sale"—Episode 1—Winner: Stephen Baldwin The first episode of the season was marvelous where each celebrity fought hard to claim the top honor. Eventually, the best team won, defeating the other team christened "Team Impresario"  by resorting to exquisite marketing techniques they used to sell a large number of hot dogs. It was apt that the best contributor, Stephen Baldwin, took away the coveted winning medal along with an amount of $69,324, which he donated to charity.

  1. "Animal Community Awareness by Pedigree"—Episode 2—Winner: Gene Simmons The second episode was as enriching as the first episode of the season in all aspects. The team that won was Team Hydra, again vanquishing Team Impresario by a large margin though the contest was well-fought till the end with a lot of innovative campaigns. Eventually, Gene Simmons got away surprisingly with his atrocious behavior with the other celebrities and was acclaimed the "Apprentice" winner of the episode having won $20,000 for charity.

  1. "Out-of-the-Box Thinker by Kodak"—Episode 3—Winner: Tito Ortiz Kodak created a hard task and came up with the act of having to sell Kodak inkjets at a low cost to the public as a part of the game plan. What followed was a rip roaring and marvelous episode! Eventually, the judges were of the opinion that Team Impresario had a better presentation and marketing strategy; they were not convinced with the overall plan and awarded the task to Team Hydra. The lucky chap who won $20,000 for charity was Tito Ortiz.

  1. "Broadway Knights"—Episode 4—Winner: Vincent Pastore The task that both teams were assigned with included the job of selling Broadway tickets a dime to the dozen. The team that could manage the work with impeccable ease was Team Hydra, who had mastered the art of winning shows consistently. The entire amount of $50,000 was taken home by "The Apprentice" winner Vincent Pastore for his mind-blowing work.

  1. "Crocodile and the Rat"—Episode 5—Winner: Carol Alt This was a special episode that marked the end of the winning streak maintained by Team Hydra following the huge loss to Team Impresario. Carol Alt, "The Apprentice" winner of the show not only donated the huge amount of $20,000 to charity, but also gave up all 10,000 shoes that she managed to collect to the Third World on her name. Truly an endearing gesture on "The Apprentice"!