"American Idol" season 9 episodes have delighted audiences all along. If you can’t wait to get an idea of what will happen in the competition but still don’t want to know explicitly who goes home, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find the main events from the first five episodes of the Studio Live shows phase where 24 big talents compete to become the next "American idol."

  1. Episode 13 – Top Twelve Girls. In the first episode of the semifinals, where the competitors perform live in the Idol Studio, the girls take the lead and sing for the first time. There are twelve girls who have made it through the hellish week of Hollywood, and now they must show all they've got. In this episode they deliver some great performances and confirm that in this season’s "American Idol" the girls are stronger candidates to go for the win.

  2. Episode 14 – Top Twelve Guys. It’s turn for the guys to show what they’re all about. Unfortunately, there are some Idols that don’t seem to measure up to the competition. They have a cold debut in general and there are no highlights. It’s a rough debut for the guys, and the judges are not happy.

  3. Episode 15– First Elimination. This is the first elimination round, and there are some nervous faces in studio. This time is all about people voting for their favorites, and it’s time for two guys and two girls to go home. Who will they be?

  4. Episode 16 – Top Ten Guys. The guys are out in the stage one more time with a lot of weight on their shoulders. They have to recover from their last performance. There are some highlights in the evening, like Alex Lambert or Tim Urban, but they still haven’t proved why they deserve to remain in the competition and the general feeling is that the next American Idol will be a girl thing.

  5. Episode 17 – Top Ten Girls. The ten remaining girls perform and nail it again. Judges are delighted. This will be a tough decision for the viewers since two girls will be eliminated on the next show.

  6. Episode 18 – Four Idols Go Home. This is the second elimination round, and four competitors will be sent home: two girls and two guys. The idols perform two group songs, but it’s all decided, America has voted.

  7. Episode 22 – Top Twelve. After three episodes that included one more girls and guys show and one elimination round, the competition has narrowed down to twelve participants. Things are getting serious here. In this episode, the Idols are assigned to sing some songs from the Rolling Stones. Lacey Brown, Paige Miles and Tim Urban are in the bottom three.

  8. Episode 23 – Elimination Gale. Two girls and one guy are at the bottom three, and America must decide who stays and who leaves. David Cook, Season seven winner, makes an special appearance with a Lady Gaga number.

  9. Episode 24 – Miley Cirus. This episode’s songs to perform are number one billboard hits, which includes songs from Queen, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, etc. Miley Cirus is this week’s coach, so she guides the participants and gives them lots of useful advice. One girl and two guys, nominated already in the previous shows, will be in the bottom three.

-Manuel Paucar