The "American Idol" judges 2010 have been an interesting bunch and a lot were left to be desired with four judges on board who got mixed reviews with their chemistry together. After the sudden departure of Paula Abdul in 2009, there were speculations of Simon Cowell leaving the show, which later turned out to be true and a surprising judge who came on board, comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. Here is a rundown of the "American Idol" judges and what became of them after the season ended

  1. Simon Cowell Cowell's wit, sarcasm and insanely brutal critiques that left many egos bruised continued his final year as an "American Idol" judge in 2010. Many probably thought he would continue being bold with his opinions and have the attitude that says, "To hell with this show because it is my final year" throughout the season. Cowell surprisingly had some very soft spots, including remarks for contestants a few times in the competition. On the season finale of "American Idol", ex-"Idol" judge Paula Abdul paid him a tribute on stage and made the otherwise tough as nails Cowell get teary eyed. Although some will miss his cutthroat remarks, you don't need to worry. He will be a judge on his FOX reality show "The X-Factor" debuting in the fall of 2011.

  2. Kara DioGuardi- Singer-songwriter Kara DioGuardi made her entrance in the 2009 season of "American Idol" as the opinionated judge with a lot of sass, which includes the memorable famous audition with Bikini Girl contestant Katrina Darrell. After the incident with Bikini Girl, Kara left a bad taste in the mouths of many "American Idol" fans for her lack of class. Whatever negativity was against her, she earned points giving sound advice to contestants trying to become the next "American Idol." After two seasons on the show, Kara called it quits in 2010, resting rumors from speculators DioGuardi's job was terminated by "Idol" network and producers. The ex-"Idol" judge took on a new challenge creating a songwriting competition, “Platinum Hit," that’ll air on the Bravo channel in the summer of 2011.

  3. Randy Jackson The veteran "American Idol" judge continues to remain as one-third of 2011 judges’ lineup. Apparently, the producers did not get enough of the "dawgs" and "man" that has become signature one-liners from Jackson. Like his past "Idol" co-workers, Randy Jackson mostly gives good critiques to the contestants that were not too harsh like Cowell's or too sweet and sugarcoated like Paula's.

  4. Ellen DeGeneres TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres loves to make jokes and dance, and decided to add a new exciting experience on her resume as a 2010 "American Idol" judge in a singing competition. DeGeneres' reason for jumping on board because was a fan of the show and although it was nice to add a little comedic relief, her advice to most contestants was a little hard to take seriously, especially with her lack of knowledge of the music industry. Naturally, DeGeneres and her dancing shoes took a bow and she remains hosting her hit NBC talk show to make room for the next 2011 "American Idol" judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, who fit like a glove along with Randy Jackson.