Let’s take a look at "American Idol" 2010 Contestants and see if they line up with how you, the audience, were voting at home. The entertainment business is notoriously difficult to gain a foothold in, especially for those with singing talent. Thankfully, there is the reality show "American Idol" which helps take the sting out of years of pounding the pavement and having doors slammed in the faces of those with said talent. Season 9 was full of intrigue, expected and unexpected departures from both the contestants and the judges and the usual drama when the arts are involved.

Didi Benami. 

Benami was an early front-runner on "American Idol" after singing a song co-written by former Idol judge Kara DioGaurdi. The subsequent weeks were a little rough, but she seemed to get back on track after singing a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s "Rhiannon". Is it possible that after being compared to a screeching cat by Simon Cowell her fate was sealed? Even an encore performance of "Rhiannon" couldn’t save her from elimination, though it was the judge’s choice to do so.

Andrew Garcia. 

Though highly praised during the auditions for singing Maroon 5’s "Sunday Morning" and Paula Abdul’s "Straight Up", the judges expressed they were losing interest in Andrew’s performances, even calling them strange. Simon Cowell has deemed him a ‘genuinely good singer’ and the judges urged him to continue to be an original. He was eliminated on April 14, 2010 during a double elimination round.

Katie Stevens. 

One of the youngest contestants, Katie has already performed at Carnegie Hall and in Community Theaters. She plays the guitar, piano, cello and flute, so it could be safe to say she is an audiophile. However, the judges stated she needed to work on being younger and they couldn’t decide if she was better suited for country (Simon Cowell) or r&b/pop (Kara DioGaurdi and Randy Jackson). She was eliminated with Andrew Garcia.

Tim Urban. 

Though called ‘Teflon Tim’ and having the grace to smile through criticisms (boring) Tim was not originally part of the finalists group. However, it may be this attitude of life goes on that will be the driving force to his success.

Siobhan Magnus. 

She has the ability to sing Queen, Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones. Her community believed she would be at the top of the 2010 "American Idol" winners. Yet, after Top 6 Night, Siobhan was eliminated. This elimination came as a surprise to all involved, especially Siobhan’s fans. As a result "American Idol" ratings plummeted to their lowest since 2002.

Aaron Kelly. 

The youngest of the contestants, Aaron was a participant in "American Idol Experience" at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He was even a finalist on Pax TV’s "America’s Most Talented Kid". Aaron was eliminated May 5, 2010 giving him a fifth place finish with the 2010 "American Idol" winners.

Michael Lynche. 

Considering his wife was due to give birth any day during the competition, is it possible Michael was a little distracted? He was only the second of any contestant to receive the judges save and was eliminated on May 12, 2010.

Casey James. 

The third place finisher admitted to have never watched the show before being a contestant. He is considered to possibly be the best guitar player that "American Idol" has ever seen and undoubtedly of the 2010 "American Idol" winners. He was eliminated on May 19, 2010.

Crystal Bowersox. 

The first female to make it to the finals since 2007; she was favored to be the champ of the 2010 "American Idol" winners. She was also the first contestant to have an original song played at any time during the competition. She was never in danger of being eliminated from the show through viewership voting. She was named runner-up on May 26, 2010 and was signed to Jive Records.

Lee DeWyze.  

Born in Mount Prospect, Ilinois this All-American singer had already started a career as a solo artist and founded his own band before performing on :American Idol." His career really was not going anywhere, however, until he was declared the 2010 "American Idol" winner of season nine after which he was signed by  RCA Records.