It’s time for some last season's "Amazing Race" spoilers, one of the most exciting shows on television. In this season, the race goes through four continents including ten countries and almost 30 cities, so the race has never been bigger. Here you’ll find out what happened on the first half of the season.

  1. Week 1: USA - United Kingdom. There are twelve teams in pursuit of the great prize. These are: Ron and Tony, Andy and Jenna, Nat and Kat, Brooke and Claire, Jill and Thomas, Nicky and Vicky, Connor and Jonathan, Katie and Rachel, Michael and Kevin, Gary and Mallory, and Chad and Stephanie. All the teams part from Massachusetts to United Kingdom where they had to face challenges on the Stonehenge and Ledbury. Ron and Tony are the first team eliminated.

  2. Week 2: United Kingdom – Ghana. The "Amazing Race" now continues in the African continent. The teams land in Accra, Ghana where they are challenged to sell glasses in the central market. Winners of this chapter are Brooke and Claire, while Andy and Jenna are eliminated.

  3. Week 3: Ghana. Still in Ghana, the teams race to Jameston. Once there, they find out that this phase consists of box training. Then they race to Dodowa, a near town where they help build an elementary school for the community. Winners of this phase are Connor and Jonathan. Michael and Kevin are eliminated.

  4. Week 4: Ghana – Sweden. The race is back in Europe. Now, the contestants have to suffer the cold Swedish climate when they have to race in sleighs pulled by dogs in this phase challenge. This week’s winner team is Nat and Kat. Connor and Jonathan are sent back home.

  5. Week 5: Sweden – Norway. Still in Scandinavia, the teams race to the west to Narwik in Norway. In Narwik, the contestants have to get their lead from a boat floating near Skojmen Bridge. Once they get their codes, they have to race with bicycles, and finally they have to race by boat to get the final lead of this phase. Nat and Kat get first place while Katie and Rachel’s race comes to an end.

  6. Week 6: Norway – Russia. The teams fly to Saint Petersburg, Russia. In this phase, teams have arts related challenges. The first one consists on going to a classical music concert and then, into a room full of playing pianists, to recognize each song previously performed. After that, they go to the theater where they have to find the correct movie tape to put on the screen. Winners of this phase are Jill and Thomas. No teams are eliminated this week.

With half of the amazing race already accomplished the remaining teams are: Nat and Kat, Brooke and Claire, Jill and Thomas, Nick and Vicky, Chad and Stephanie, Gary and Mallory, and finally Michael and Kevin.

- Manuel Paucar