There are a lot of good reality TV shows out there, but nothing beats some good "Ace of Cakes" episodes. I don't know who would anticipate a show about cakemaking to be so great, but after 10 seasons it has really shown how great it can be.

  1. "Life's a Zoo." The best of the "Ace of Cakes" episodes has to be the fourth episode in season one. The double flamingo cakes in the "Ace of Cakes" episode is really cool and makes me crave rice crispy beaks like no other. The flaming fist of rock type cake they made in this episode would be a grooms cake any metal fan would want.

  2. "The Super Cake." One of the last episodes in season two is one of the many great "Ace of Cakes" episodes. The crew gets together and takes a trip to Miami. What makes this such a super" Ace of Cakes" episodes is the fact that the crew makes the largest cake up to that point they had made for the Super Bowl party. Not every day that you get to make a cake for the biggest sporting event of the year.

  3. "Food Network Friends." The last of the top three "Ace of Cakes" episodes is also one of the most hectic. Duff has to handle two other shows in addition to filming the "Ace of Cakes" episodes during this time. The crew makes a huge cake for the premiere of "Crybaby" and Geof is building the tallest cake they have ever made, a six foot skyscraper that needs to be shipped to Philadelphia.