At the end of the reality show “Real Chance of Love 2” on VH1 brothers Ahmad and Kamal Givens, known by the stage names Real and Chance respectively, each chose a "Real Chance of Love 2" winner of the show. After narrowing the pool down from twenty contestants, Real chose Jackie DaFonseca, while Chance chose Kamille Leai as the winners of the show. DaFonseca goes by the nickname “Doll” and Leai goes by the nickname “Hot Wings.”

At the time the show was airing, Doll was described as a 23-year-old student from Boston, Massachusetts, and Hot Wings was described as a 21-year-old Hooters girl from Washington, D.C. Doll is orginally from a small West African nation and she plans to go to law school. She currently has a radio show and does some modeling. Today, Hot Wings works as a model and a bartender. The two women outlasted all the other hopefuls in the reality dating television show.

After the show was over, Hot Wings revealed to fans via Twitter that she had not heard from Chance since the “Real Chance of Love 2” finished filming and the two were not a couple. She tweeted, “Much love and respect to chance but i never heard from him after the show, and neither did doll from what are we suppose to do?!?!”

Doll also confirmed in an interview with that she and Real never had contact after the show finished filming and are not a couple either. She told, “It became clear about a month after the show was over. I mean, are you kidding me? For a guy not to contact me for a whole month after we supposedly became close? You picked me out of the ten or fifteen other girls that were on the show for you. And I wasn’t pursued a month after that?”

"Real Chance of Love" is a reality dating competition show in which constestants take part in competitions to win the hearts of Real and Chance. The men elminated four women in the first episode, and then one woman each episode for the rest of the show, until the final episode. With five women left standing in the final show - three Real Girls and two Chance Girls - the brothers selected Doll and Hot Wings as the winners.