5 Hilariously Funny Comedy Central Roasts

Thursday, October 20 by Ed Mulero

Comedy Central roasts are the stuff of television insanity as friends and guests take turns speaking or trashing the honoree of the event to everyone's delight. The zingers ru faster than the expletives as the main attraction squirms in their seat. Roasts have been a customary staple in the intimate circles of the Hollywood elite who love to knock a fellow celebrity down a peg or two. Now, the cable network carries on the zany tradition of side-splitting humiliation at the expense of their colleagues. These roasts from Comedy Central give fans access to the sacred (or infamous depending on which end you're on) custom of tarring and feathering for everyone's entertainment. 

John Stamos as the roast master. Jon Lovitz, Norm Macdonald, Gilbert Gottfried and others took turns ripping into his career or lack thereof in all its vulgar glory. At least, this is one program involving Bob Saget that one can admit to liking publicly.   

Pamela Anderson. One of the sexiest babes in the world parks her lovely tush on the hot seat as the honoree of her own Comedy Central Roast.  This event runs the full spectrum of nuttiness from an allegedly drunk Courtney Love to being groped by Andy Dick. Of course, the former Playboy Playmate of the Year has no problems being exposed for all the world to see.

William Shatner. Captain Kirk goes where few men have gone before and that's as a roast victim on Comedy Central to the delight of Trekkies all over. Jason Alexander hosts as Farrah Fawcett, Artie Lange, Kevin Pollack, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and many more lined up to give Shatner's ego a Klingon-sized bruising. This TV program definitely will live long and prosper in infamy.

David Hasselhoff. Mr. Knight Rider himself wishes he no showed this Comedy Central Roast as everyone comes out of the woodwork to bash him. Seth MacFarlane rounds up former castmates of "Baywatch" like Gina Lee Nolin and Traci Bingham to even the voice of KITT, William Daniels! The only upside is the ratings for the cable network spiked in Germany a little.

Hugh Hefner. The man, the myth, the legend of "Playboy" becomes the joke, the punch line and the doormat at the New York Friars Club Roast on Comedy Central. Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Sarah Silverman lead the wolf pack to serve a little humble pie to poor (well not exactly), old Hef. Surely, there is a busty, blonde Playmate whose shoulder he can cry on afterwards.

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