"48 Hours" mystery episodes have been shocking and thrilling audiences for many years now. Some of the episodes are about painful domestic disputes that ended in murder. Other "48 Hours" mystery episodes are comprised of shocking revelations of someone who held a secret life. No matter what, "48 Hours" mystery episodes promise to be intriguing every time.

  1. "Playing With Fire" This "48 Hours" episode comprises of everything you could want in a murder mystery: sex, murder and money. This episode is about a young beautiful woman who dated everyone from Hugh Hefner to a highly successful wall street banker. However, her wild ways of loving men for money leave two young wealthy men dead in the back of  a van. There are many suspects in the case, could it be the beautiful young woman who loves her high class life or a jealous wall street banker who wants her all to his self?

  2. "The Dog Trainer, The Heiress and The Bodyguard" This "48 Hours" episode is about an extremely complicated love triangle. The dog trainer (Mark Stover) was a charismatic dog trainer to regular people and the stars. Linda Opdyke is a young woman he falls in love with. Linda's parents are so wealthy they own their own island! The marriage between the dog trainer and Linda started to fall apart and the marriage became extremely dangerous. During the divorce Linda claims that Mark often stalked her. Linda fell in love with another man who was just as crazy about guns as she was. One night Mark is murdered and the new suspect is Linda's new boyfriend. Did he kill Mark out of self-defense or in cold blood in order to get the ex-husband out of their life forever.

  3. "Temptation" This "48 Hours" mystery episode is about a young girl named Tasha Fields who was a beautiful women with a lot of secrets. The story starts with a young women who is currently in a great relationship with another young man. However, when she cheats on him he breaks into her MySpace account to get a little revenge. When he sees a message from the parents of her ex-husband asking about his whereabouts  the husband decides to contact authorities. The authorities soon get into an entangled web of murder that suggest Fields might have had her new lover kill her husband.