Somebody's got to be a fan of them, or they wouldn't stay on the air. Reality shows. Why do they exist? Simple. Some people are so bored with their lives that they need to watch and scrutinize someone else's staged life on screen. The irony of it all, is in fact, that reality shows, and the reality couples that fuel these vehicles are far from reality. Just smoke, mirrors and convoluted "issues"  that these prime time puppets go through for ratings. There are certain reality couples that rise above the rest in stupidity and shear staged tomfoolery.

Khloe and Lamar. As far as the Kardashians go, Khloe's probably the most bearable out of the three girls. Lamar is one of the key components to the L.A.Lakers, which is sort of cool. But, this doesn't mean that this reality couple should escape the hatred of the public. Khloe made a name for herself for being the loud, foul mouthed Kardashian, but having an entire show based on her and Lamar Odom (who acts like he doesn't even want the camera on him) is just lame. 

Heidi and Spencer. These two are a sad case indeed. They represent what it means to have too much money and no talent. Originally appearing on "Laguna Hills" (2004), these two overprivileged goof balls have about as much personality as the driftwood you'd find at Laguna Beach. Obviously somebody likes them, or at least Heidi and Spencer seem to think someone does. They're fifteen minutes of fame has been long gone but they keep pulling their best collective bad penny impersonation... popping up everywhere. This is one reality couple that needs a real dose of reality.

Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen. What the hell was this about? They originally got together on the show "The Surreal Life" (2003). This show was dedicated to poking fun at has-been stars. Obviously these two didn't get the memo. They actually thought people wanted to see this freak show of a reality couple relationship. The worst was when Flavor Flav thought it be good idea to let his then main squeeze perform with his group, "Public Enemy", on stage. What!? Great idea Flav, ruin a concert by one of the greatest groups in Hip Hop history just so you can show off that behemoth of a woman. Way to go.

The Situation, his abs, and his huge head. This particular reality couple to hate should be called a threesome. Seriously, who really cares what goes on in this dude's life? Come on America, really? He made his "illustrious" debut on the trash show "Jersey Shore" (2009). First of all, Italians everywhere should be totally offended by these stereotypical parodies of an otherwise rich and beautiful people. Orange tans, 'roided out muscles, foul mouths, tight tees and jacked up hair cuts do not define a generation of Italians. And this guy, The Situation, has got to be the most whiny, annoying guy on television. Yeah, you got nice abs, but no you can't dance, and the fist pump doesn't count as a legitimate dance move anywhere else but that crap show you're on. And no matter how big this reality star's muscles grow, they'll never match that bowling ball of a head. Where does he get his hair cut, from a blind barber?