The “16 and Pregnant” season 2 cast was profiled on MTV’s hit show starting February 2010. Each episode of this show follows a pregnant teen through part of her pregnancy, delivery and early days of motherhood.

  1. Jenelle Evans loves to party instead of caring for her son, Jace. Jenelle’s story continues on MTV’s hit show “Teen Mom 2.”

  2. After she had her son, Lyle, Nikkole Paulun broke up with Lyle’s father Josh after discovering that he was still contacting his ex-girlfriend.

  3. Valerie Fairman is homeschooled due to behavior difficulties at school. Her baby, Nevaeh, spent some time in the hospital after birth because of meconium aspiration syndrome.

  4. Chelsea Houska is another “16 and Pregnant” season 2 cast member whose story is continued on “Teen Mom 2.” She has a turbulent relationship with Adam, her daughter’s father. The break up after Aubree is born.

  5. Lori Wickelhaus is a “16 and Pregnant” season 2 cast member contemplating adoption, despite protests from the baby’s father, Cory. When Aiden is two-days old, he is adopted.

  6. Samantha Hernandez is one of the “16 and Pregnant” season 2 cast members who has a C-section after failing to dilate. Despite her parent’s protests, Samantha decides to raise her daughter, Jordynn, with the help of Eric, Jordynn’s father. She discovers that Eric isn’t much help, but Eric’s mother helps care for Jordynn.

  7. Nicole Fokos has a supportive mother during her pregnancy. After having her daughter Brooklyn, she and Brooklyn's father Tyler move around often. Tyler eventually decides they need to settle down.

  8. Leah Messer is the first teen on the show carrying twins. This “16 and Pregnant” season 2 cast member continues to share her story on “Teen Mom 2.”  She gives birth to twin girls, Aliannah and Aleeah, after two months on bed rest following preterm labor that was stopped.

  9. Lizzie Waller finishe high school before giving birth to Summer, but gives up her goal of becoming an ultrasound technician to studying medical billing so she can be a full time mother to Summer.

  10. Kailyn Lowry moves in with her boyfriend Jo’s parents because her own mother is uninterested in caring for Kailyn and her father is out of the picture. Her story of caring for baby Isaac is continued on “Teen Mom 2.”

  11. Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant and her husband Cody got married during the show. Just before their son, Brody, was born “16 and Pregnant” cast member Cody graduated high school early so he could care for Brody while Brooke finished school.

  12. Felicia Cook deals with a lot of drama surrounding her pregnancy, her baby’s father Alex, his family and her family. Despite it all, she is determined to care for baby Genesis.

  13. Emily McKenzie and her boyfriend Daniel decide to get married until she finds out she isn’t on track to graduate, which her family doesn’t know about until after she has her son, Liam.

  14. Despite her mother’s dislike of her boyfriend, James, and him cheating on her, Markai Durham decides to raise her daughter, Za’Karia, with James. The two argue during the show, but are still together at the end.

  15. Aubrey Wolters and her boyfriend Brandon move in with her grandmother after Aubrey discovers she is pregnant. They are still there two months after Aubrey has Austin when her grandmother decides they need to plan on moving out.

  16. Christinna Cook moves in with her boyfriend Isaiah and they get married. After having Destiny via C-section, Christinna tries to make things work with Isaiah.

  17. Despite her and her boyfriend J.R.’s plans to get married, “16 and Pregnant” cast member Kayla Jordan decides she is being rushed into marriage and continues to live with her mother while she decides what is best for her son Ryland.

  18. Megan McConnell is a military brat who gets pregnant by boyfriend, Nathan, a slacker who plays video games all day. Nathan considers a job out of state to support their son Blake, but Megan doesn’t want him to go away.

  19. Ashley Salazar opts for adoption for her daughter Callie. Once Callie is born, however, she finds this difficult and keeps the baby for over a month before handing her over to her aunt and uncle for the adoption.

- Casey Holley