Reality TV game shows are all the rage now since “American Idol” crossed the shores in 2002, so it’s no surprise that there now needs to be an update to our list of 10 reality TV games of 2010. There have been so many changes to the reality TV landscape with hosts coming and going, new genres emerging and new fan favorites to monitor that an update is needed. Here’s our list of some of the best of 2010.

  1. “Survivor”. This reality TV game featured two themes (the year is divided into two half-seasons), both of which were incredibly popular. The first theme brought back fan favorites and places them into a “Villains vs Heroes” theme, while the second half the year saw a “Young vs Old” players setup.

  2. “America’s Got Talent”. 2010 marked the first year for new judge Howie Mandel, as he replaced David Hasselhoff in this reality TV game. The fifth season saw some amazing and odd performers, but none were stranger than Prince Poppycock (think a male version of Lady Gaga if she sang opera while wearing kabuki makeup), who sadly, didn’t take home the grand prize.  

  3. “Project Runway”. Much like “Survivor”, this reality TV game show has two seasons every calendar year. For 2010, it was seasons seven and eight, which saw the return of the production to New York, its original home, after some time spent in Los Angeles.

  4. “American Idol”. The reality TV game show that started the reality TV craze in the United States began its ninth season in 2010 with Ellen DeGeneres joining the cast as a judge and saw the departure of original judge Simon Cowell, who had been with the show since its premiere in 2002.

  5. “Dancing with the Stars”. 2010 saw an odd mix of stars for this  reality TV game show’s autumn and spring seasons as “Dirty Dancing” alum Jennifer Grey went head-to-head with Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol to took the audience by storm in the fall season and former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger wowed audiences with her skills in the spring season.

  6. “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Without a doubt, 2010 saw the return of one of the most entertaining reality TV game shows on television. It features a competition to see who will become ‘America’s next drag superstar’. The show was created and is hosted by RuPaul, arguably the world’s most famous drag queen.

  7. “The Bachelor”. Subtitled “On the Wings of Love”, this returning classic in the realm of reality TV game shows saw former “The Bachelorette” star Jake Pavelka start season fourteen looking for the love of his life. He settled in Vienna Girardi, only to break up with her six months later to the surprise of no one.

  8. “The Apprentice”. The show that made the words “You’re Fired!” famous in American culture returned in 2010 with two very different versions for seasons nine and ten. Season nine of this reality TV game show continued the trend started in season seven which saw celebrities competing for a prize for charity while season ten returned to the roots of the reality show’s origins by showing contestants who had been adversely affected by the recession compete for the top prize.

  9. “Iron Chef: America”. Based on the Japanese version of the reality TV game show by the same name, “Iron Chef” pits non-celebrity chefs against some of the most respected chefs in the field (who are revered like culinary Samurai warriors). 2010 saw the reality TV show’s season eight commence with host Mark Dacascos.

  10. “Shear Genius”. This reality TV game show about celebrity hairstylists was on the chopping block at Bravo until it caught on by word of mouth. It returned in 2010 for its third season with new host Brazilian model Camila Alves, who replaced original host (and 70’s icon) Jacklyn Smith.