The 10 best reality TV shows 2009 are a mixture of competition, talent and life based programs. Some of the talent shows have judges voting for the winner, while others base winners on America's vote. Celebrities from music, television, sports and movies were featured on reality TV shows in 2009 by having their lives followed, being judges or becoming contestants. All of the ten best reality TV shows 2009 have a unique spin on the genre and provide entertainment to the masses.

  1. "Top Chef Masters" This is one of the ten best reality TV shows 2009 because fans of "Top Chef" saw their favorite chef's come back to compete against each other. Twenty four chefs from past "Top Chef" seasons returned to prove who was the best of the best in the food world. The Bravo reality TV show had the prize money going to charity, which was a nice spin.

  2. "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" Kathy Griffin is back on Bravo in 2009 with a reality TV show about her life. The comedian turned reality TV star has a no holds bar with her opinions about pop culture. The show follows Griffin, her wine loving mother, and team of assistants through the day to day workings of her life.

  3. "The Biggest Loser: Couples, Season 2" The NBC show is based around couples getting healthy. Every week there is a weigh in, and the couples with the biggest weight loss is safe for another week. This is one of the best reality TV shows 2009 because watching people lose weight is uplifting.

  4. "American Idol" Season eight of the reality TV show "American Idol" premiered on Fox in 2009. One big change is the number of semifinalists which increased from 24 to 36. It is a great reality show because America gets introduced to amazing singers who have the ability to become mainstream superstars based on their "American Idol" exposure.

  5. "Survivor: Tocantins" The eighteenth season of the long running reality show "Survivor" provides entertaining drama. The CBS show is an up and down rollercoaster of emotions for the viewers and contestants. This is one of the ten best reality TV shows 2009 because it ended with a likable winner who won the title of sole survivor and fan vote of America's favorite player.

  6. "So You Think You Can Dance" One of the ten best reality TV shows 2009 is a reality dance competition on MTV. The show is not based on one style of dance; competitors get a different style each week. It is a great reality show because the public votes each week for which dancer they want to see move forward.

  7. "The Bachelor, Season 13" Jason Mesnick, a single father, is the bachelor for season thirteen. He was a competitor on "The Bachelorette," and even though he did not win the bachelorette's heart, he won America's. The 2009 reality TV show will have single ladies and single mothers trying to win his heart, and you can bet drama ensues between the ladies.

  8. "Dancing with the Stars" Season eight of the celebrity reality TV show premiered in 2009. The show revolves around celebrities learning how to ballroom dance from professionals, then competing against each other. Each week, a couple is eliminated based on voting that comes from both judges and America.

  9. "The Celebrity Apprentice" The NBC reality TV show has pulled in bigger celebrity names for the second season. Kloe Kardashian, Joan and Melissa Rivers, and Dennis Rodman all compete against each other for a charity of their choice. The celebrities compete in teams doing business type tasks and in every show, Trump fires a celebrity until the last one is standing.

  10. "Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels" Trashy reality TV shows make for great television, especially ones with girls vying for a rock star's affection. Bret Michaels brings girls to compete for his heart while he is touring the states. Girls compete in challenges for dates, until Michaels picks the girl of his dreams.