The list of the 10 best television trivia questions is designed to both test people’s knowledge and get them to reminisce about their favorite shows and TV moments. From game shows to sitcoms to late night, there are many great questions out there to tease people’s brains. You may have friends who are TV know-it-alls, so put them to the test with this list.

  1. “Who preceded Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show?" Carson was such an institution it's hard to imagine the show before him, making this one of the best television trivia questions. Before Johnny it was hosted by Jack Paar, its first host.

  2. “What is the longest-running sitcom on TV?” Believe it or not, this title goes to an animated show that started off as a short on the variety show, "The Tracy Ullman Show." That's right, Bart Simpson and crew have been on the air for over 20 years and counting, as of January 2011. Given some people thought the show would never make it, this is one of the best television trivia questions.

  3. “What was the original name of the show ‘Seinfeld?’” “Seinfeld” was met with resistance at first, with NBC honchos thinking the show was too niche, potentially only reaching New York Jews. “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” however, went on to be one of TV’s most-loved shows.

  4. “What is the highest-rated TV program ever (by Nielsen rating)?” This tricky one is one of the best television trivia questions. The final episode of the highly-popular M*A*S*H, set in a medic unit in the Korean War, holds this title, though as the country’s population grows, more recent shows draw a larger total number of viewers.

  5. “What kind of suit did David Letterman wear while jumping on a trampoline?” Late night fans might no the answer to this, one of the best television trivia questions. Early in his career on NBC, Letterman would put on a suit with the hook side of Velcro attached to it. He would launch himself off a trampoline and stick himself to a wall covered with the fuzzy side of velcro, sticking himself to it.

  6. “What series finale jokingly revealed the entire series had just been a dream?” “Newhart” was a popular sitcom in the 1980’s, starring comedian Bob Newhart as a New England innkeeper. Newhart also had a show in the 1970’s. In the series finale of “Newhart,” he wakes up in the middle of the night to find his wife from the previous show in bed beside him, at which point he tells her all about his dream about being an innkeeper in New England.

  7. “For how many years did Bob Barker host The Price is Right?” Everyone knows Barker, but how many know this, one of the best television trivia questions? Barker is as close to an American institution as an entertainer can get. For 35 years he hosted the very popular daytime game show.

  8. “Who played in The Heidi Game?” Sports fans might be able to answer this, one of the best television trivia questions. With the New York Jets leading the Oakland Raiders in the final seconds of a late-afternoon game, NBC decided to switch to the regularly scheduled movie, “Heidi.” Football fans missed the amazing Raiders comeback.

  9. “Who is the youngest host in the history on Saturday Night Live?” Drew Barrymore hosted the late night show when she was just seven years old, on the show to promote “E.T.”, in which she starred.

  10. “Who did shoot JR?” At the end of the 1979-1980 season of the popular prime time soap, “Dallas,” one of the lead characters, JR Ewing, was shot. CBS created this catch phrase question to generate publicity for the show, and eager fans had to wait all summer to find out it was Kristin Shepard, his mistress.