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“Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!” was posted on the Walk of Fame‘s Facebook page on Wednesday.

Well played, Walk of Fame. Well played. Except that Whitney Houston already has a star on the world famous sidewalk. Why the change of heart? Granted, she received the star years before Bobby Brown went public with the story about the time he pulled a lodged doodoo bubble out of her booty, however who are you to judge? It used to be that anyone who was a public figure in their field for five years and willing to spend $30,000 was welcome to buy the honor. Is reality money not good enough for you? Besides Mob Wives money, of course.

Ana Martinez, vice president for media relations and producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, explains that “It’s just not on the radar for us right now.”

Martinez tells CNN that nominees need to meet the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s criteria: awards and honors in entertainment, philanthropic work, as well as longevity in the field and the willingness to agree to the ceremony and pay $30,000 for the star’s installation and upkeep on the street.

Okay. Then let’s go down that checklist.

If the committee is true to their word, there are reality stars that actually fit the bill. Think of those mainstays that are always punching each other on The Real World/Road Rules Challenges. They’ve been at that for a decade at least. I’d consider that show’s $160,000 prize and Kia Sorrentos that they give away to count as both an award AND an honor. As far as philanthropic work goes, porn counts. That just leaves the matter of the $30,000 fee. Dunbar, are you good for it?

Okay. Perhaps the Douchebag Olympians aren’t the best example. Let’s move on to Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Both have been mainstays in the reality spotlight for a good deal of time. They’ve appeared on The Simple Life as far back as 2003. The $30,000 fee shouldn’t be a problem either. They reportedly make $50K per tweet. Then there’s the philanthropic work. Once again, porn counts. Other than that, they’ve both funded AIDS research. As far as awards go, I’ll have you know that Hilton has three Razzies and one Teen Choice whereas Kardashian also has a Teen Choice award (she came close to winning a Razzie for her performance in Disaster Movie but was edged out by Hilton’s performance in Hottie and the Nottie).

Sounds to me like we have two successful young ladies who have proven themselves against all categories. And YOU KNOW they love a good ceremony. Now, if you don’t mind, give them their dumb stars already.

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Cool Time Travelers From TV Shows Mon, 18 Jul 2011 15:02:57 +0000 Breakstudios Put the dorky image of lab coats and giant machines blooming with arcs of lightning aside when you encounter these cool time travelers from TV shows.

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Forget the dorky image of lab coats and giant machines blooming with arcs of lightning when you encounter these cool time travelers from TV shows. No longer the domain of B-movies, time traveler shows on prime time TV now features decent sized budgets and actors who weren’t pulled out of a Der Wienerschnitzel on their lunc break. Take a moment to map out a plan for revenge or success should time travel start happening, just make sure you do it with style.


Dan Vasser

Being a father has enough trials without being tossed back in time at random moments. Dan doesn’t come with super powers or a life he can ignore in order to serve whatever higher authority in Journeyman has decided to play twister with his timeline. With a brain and a dedication towards helping the people he encounters on his journeys, Vasser is a cool time traveler that is caught up in the chaos of something he can’t control but still works towards juggling saving people in the past and saving his relationships in the present. Substance beats style and gets a nice twist with his inability to control his unique “events”.


The Ninth Doctor

Ninth Doctor Who snapping his fingers


Doctor Who gets to show off the warrior facet of the time lord with this incarnation played by Christopher Eccleston. There are cool time travelers and then there’s The Doctor, an immortal regenerating last of his kind explorer who tends to show up where and when needed. Eccleston gets to give old and new fans of the series a quietly raging doctor, one who is ready to go to war over his grudge and that’s an aspect up until now The Doctor never much evidenced. A harder, most driven character in this generation, the ninth Doctor shows off the terrible power and fury that up until now has been hidden behind a thick veneer of Zen-like calm and that is fascinating.


Danny Quinn

Danny Quinn flying a helicopter

A scrapper and officer of the law, Danny Quinn seethes with the regret and loss of his brother and doesn’t enter into the idea of time travel without serious skepticism. Played by Jason Flemyng, Quinn feels like the eye of the storm, calm for now but venture too far out and destruction will reign. One of the cooler time travelers out there, this Primeval star won’t fall in love with time travel anytime soon but he won’t run with his tail tucked between his legs either.


Tru Davies

Tru Davies stretched out on a white fur

Not many time travelers get as cool a partner as Zach Galifianakis. Davis, played by Zach, is Tru’s supervisor, confidant and enabler as he encourages Tru whenever she hits rough spots in her quest to save the dead who ask for her help. Although only getting to go back a day in Tru Calling, Tru gets enough terror and mystery to fill her plate as she works to guide the living away from the path that leads to their death. Funny, sincere and well ensconced in her small tribe of friends, Davies gets to be one of the cooler time travelers out there as she tries to better the lives of others while being in the grips of a much larger and unseen conspiracy.


The Eleventh Doctor

Eleventh Doctor Who in his red bow tie

Quirky dress sense meets quirky personality and the eleventh Doctor comes ready to play. With an aura of intuitiveness and a drive to help others, this version of Doctor Who as portrayed by Matt Smith blends the warrior caste with the healer cast and throws in a sprinkle of occasional aloofness that makes him one of the coolest time travelers ever. Bringing bow ties back into popular dress wear might be beyond this Doctor but conveying other worldliness well taking the best bits of humanity is not. Smith keeps his companions and his encounters simultaneously at a distance and within his embrace with a powerful sincerity that makes it look easy.

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Reality Shows Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch Thu, 14 Jul 2011 21:00:23 +0000 Breakstudios There are reality shows and then there are reality show that your girlfriend will make you watch. Sounds like torture? It doesn't have to be...

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There are reality shows and then there are reality shows your girlfriend will make you watch. Sounds like torture? It doesn’t have to be—there actually are a few programs out there that take the entertainment of both sexes into consideration, even if they seem to be only appealing to the opposite sex on the surface. Don’t judge a reality show by its cover. Case in point—Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While she’s lapping up the girl-on-girl drama, do we even have to point out what you’ll be lapping up? Here’s a hint: her initials are K.K. Have at it and get points for being a good boyfriend who’ll watch her shows (while secretly really enjoying it in the process).


American Idol

Reality Shows Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch

The American Idol freight train first got going in 2002 and has become a runaway hit. It has slowed down in recent years but has made a comeback last season thanks to a massive personnel overhaul. Gone are original mainstays Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. The extravagant Steven Tyler and the beautiful Jennifer Lopez now call the shots alongside Randy Jackson.  This show has great laughs along the way as many self-proclaimed vocalists attempt to wow the judges but end up making a mockery of themselves on national television. The most enjoyable part of the season comes when only the crème de la crème remain. This is the time you and your girlfriend frantically text in your votes after each show to support your favorite performers and keep them in the mix. You’ll be surprised how fun it actually is.


Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Reality Shows Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch

The Kardashians lawn bowling at Caesar's Palace

As we touched on above, Keeping Up with the Kardashians follows the exploits (and cat fights) of the Kardashians including stepfather and former Olympian, Bruce Jenner, while also featuring a lot of Kim’s beautiful booty. Although the show follows the family doing the most of mundane chores, women love to tune in every week—we’ve already told you why men have stopped complaining.


The Bachelor

Reality Shows Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch

The bachelor toasting

For male viewers,  ABC ‘s The Bachelor really isn’t too difficult to watch. A single bachelor, good looking and successful, is made to choose among a pool of beautiful women, most of whom are are head over heels for him. Slowly, the guy eliminates the women he is not interested in until he is left with the one he feels is most right for him (usually the sexiest one in the group). Women hate the way the guy plays around with the feelings of the women in the group as he breaks hearts left and right. Most guys on the other hand, cheer him on. Especially as he makes out with just about all of them.


What Not to Wear

Reality Shows Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London of What Not To Wear

Hosted by the lovely Stacy London and the ever-so-funny fashion consultant Clinton Kelly, the show features participants nominated by their closest friends and family because of their utter disdain for style. The duo teaches these unfashionable individuals how to properly mix and match clothing and in-show hair and makeup stylists then give them a serious makeover. The result is usually a shocker as the previously bland looking participants end up looking like fashion models. Making normal women look hot? How can that be a bad thing to be subjected to?



Reality Shows Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch

Joey Greco confronting a cheater

The wild and woolly syndicated show, Cheaters follows host Joey Greco, as he takes on cases of suspected infidelity. The host uses private detectives who stake out the partner in question and set up surveillance cameras to help catch them in the act. When they have sufficient evidence, the tapes are presented to the complainant who then confronts the cheating partner. The production even has a brazen camera crew that gets into the middle of whatever melee erupts. Watching the show is often used as a preemptive measure by your wife or girlfriend to make sure that you are on the up and up because if you’re not, Joey Greco is just a phone call away. If you yourself have nothing to hide, watching the confrontations is always a barrel of laughs.

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Weird Japanese Game Shows Mon, 11 Jul 2011 19:53:18 +0000 Breakstudios Forget the tame TV you've grown up with - time for weird japanese game shows

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The Land of the Rising Sun is known for its dependable automobiles, high-tech gadgetry and weird Japanese game shows. Forget the tame TV you’ve grown up with. Weird Japanese game shows subject their contestants to far stranger things than ageless Vanna Whites and bad hair pieces. In Japan, appearing on a game show includes excruciating pain, mockery and ridicule in exchange for a possible yen or two along the way.


Takeshi’s Castle

Many consider Takeshi’s Castle to be the proto-game show that influenced waves and waves of weird Japanese game shows. Contestants go through a battery of challenges like the “Avalanche” where competitors try to cross a narrow gully while game henchmen try to knock them down with polystyrene boulders. Those who are fortunate enough to survive the difficult challenges team up and assault Count “Beat” Takeshi’s castle in small motorized cars armed with water guns while Takeshi’s minions engage them in similar vehicles.


Iron Chef

Japanese Iron Chef

Fans of the U.S. version should be familiar with the mechanics of Iron Chef. A talented chef picks out one of several master Iron Chefs and challenges them to a cooking showdown. The twist is that the combatants are given a mystery ingredient that when revealed, should be used as the primary ingredient in all their dishes. What makes this different—and weirder— than the stateside version is that whil the American show sticks to the mundane with beef, pork or celery, the original focuses on odd (disgusting?) ingredients like fish head and cow brains.


Apron of Love

Apron Of Love

Cooking shows are a dime a dozen. Wanna be chefs are expected to whip up incredibly delicious dishes in order to impress celebrity hosts and judges. Aside from its bizarre title, what makes Apron of Love so different is that contestants are expected to cook in a massive studio kitchen where absolutely none of the ingredients are labeled. The judges’ reactions to the mysterious dishes is just priceless.



Another gem from the ’80s, Endurance is as weird as weird Japanese shows gets. Contestants undergo a variety of unpleasant ordeals such as eating marshmallows suspended in midair while their faces are restrained by bungee cords or repeating difficult tongue twisters knowing full well that if they make a mistake, a slapping machine is ready to smack a very sensitive part of their anatomy. The last man standing wins.



Viking is another game picked up by American producers. In this game show, a massive and extremely difficult obstacle course await hoards of eager contestants. There are three stages and while completing each one is difficult enough, those who join are also competing against the clock. Those who fall off the course land in a pool of deep water. Celebrities and athletes sometimes try their luck, but they end up failing as much as the average Hiroki. The show sometimes has a “Family Edition” where entire families try to complete the challenges together.

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