Little Rascals Characters

Saturday, April 9 by Houlihan Macaco

There were more than 50 "Little Rascals" characters during the span of this old television series featuring little kids. You'll recognize some of the "Little Rascals" characters below. Others you may not remember. 

  1. Buckwheat. This black kid with the afro is one of the most memorable "Little Rascals" characters. Buckwheat is best friends with Porky. Billie Thomas played this character. Eddie Murphy spoofed Buckwheat in a comical assassination scene on "Saturday Night Live."
  2. Spanky. George McFarland played the president of the "He Man Woman Hater's Club." Notable characters Alfalfa and Buckwheat were members of this club. George earned the name Spanky from his mom according to lore. It is said that the nickname reminded him to be good so that he would not get spanked. 
  3. Porky. Gordon Lee played Spanky's little brother Porky, who sometimes teamed up with Buckwheat to annoy Spanky and Alfalfa. Eddie Murphy spoofed Buckwheat on "Saturday Night Live" with the catch phrase "Otay" when it was actually Porky who used this phrase. 
  4. Froggy. Billy Laughlin played the body, if not the voice of this scrappy voiced "Little Rascals" character. Froggy was a very awkward kid with a voice that just couldn't come from a kid. 
  5. Alfalfa. Carl Switzer played the kid with the upright tuft of hair. Alfalfa was best known for singing out of key versions of popular music. 
  6. Butch. Butch was the bully of the bunch. He used to terrorize Spanky and other other "Little Rascals" Characters. Tommy Bond was one of the few "Little Rascals" actors to continue with show business until late in life. Tommy also played the editor in the "Superman" movies with Christopher Reeves. 
  7. Pineapple. Pineapple is one of the few black characters in the "Little Rascals" other than Buckwheat. Eugene Jackson played Pineapple in the silent film days when the "Little Rascals" characters did not speak. Like Tommy Bond, Eugene stayed in show business for a few decades and wrote an autobiography called "Eugene Pineapple Jackson: His Own Story". 
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