The "Leave It to Beaver" Cast was one of TV’s favorite families. The Cleaver family consisted of June, Ward, Wally and the Beaver of course. This family show was watched my many and was a show that left us with memories for years and years to come. Leave it to Beaver was not just about Theodore Cleaver, it was about family love and values.  

  1. Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver. Barbara Billingsley was perfect as the mother of the family. She was polite and she was beautiful. She was always dressed in perfectly. She was an icon on television and many mothers sought to be just like her. Barbara Billingsley died on October 16th, 2010 from a rheumatoid disease.

  2. Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver. Hugh Beaumont was a strict father to Beaver and Wally and was not atypical. He was not as loving as we would have liked to seen, but he was the head of the household. Hugh’s first ambition was that of a minister which he left behind to pursue acting. Hugh Beaumont died on May 14, 1982 of a heart attack.

  3. Tony Dow as Wally Cleaver. Tony Dow won the role of Wally Cleaver in a casting call with almost no acting experience at all. His role as Wally was one that was looked at as a supporting brother role who was not always that smart. Wally was however very good at hiding Beaver’s mistakes and goofups.

  4. Jerry Mathers as Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver. Now how can you describe the Beaver?  He was simple, cute and quite frankly someone who might be your little brother. His demeanor was perfect and although he was not the smartest of the family, he certainly was the most loved. Theodore Cleaver, alias “The Beaver,” was indeed perfect for the role of misfit or someone who was always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  5. Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell. Ken Osmond plays the ever so disliked Eddie Haskell. Eddie was arrogant, and he was Wally’s best friend. Ken Osmond was indeed one of the most valuable supporting cast members on the "Leave it to Beaver" show. Ken Osmond went on to be a police officer and was shot three times in the line of duty. Luckily for Ken he was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time.

  6. Frank Bank as Clarence Lumpy Rutherford. Lumpy Rutherford was one of Eddies and Wally’s group. He was always hanging around with them. Lumpy Rutherford was always teased by everyone. Beaver Lumpy would chant, “Lumpy dumpy looks like an ape” when he was at a distance from him.

  7. Sue Randall as Miss Landers. Sue Randall played Beaver’s very pretty teacher Miss Alice Landers. Sue Randall would die an early death from cancer at the age of 49. She had lung and larynx cancer and died in 1984.

  8. Diane Brewster as Miss Canfield.  Diane Brewster played the role of Miss Canfield, the second grade teacher in the "Leave it to Beaver" series. Diane was part of the original cast members in the years 1957 to 1958.  Diane Brewster was famously known as the doomed wife in the movie "The Fugitive". She would later die on November 12, 1991 of heart failure.

  9. Edgar Buchanan as Uncle Billy and Captain Jack.  Uncle Billy and Captain Jack were played by character actor Edgar Buchanan. The flamboyant and eccentric old man added spunk to the cast members of the "Leave it to Beaver" show.  Edgar Buchanan died on April 4th, 1979 of a stroke.

  10. Richard Deacon as Fred Rutherford. Richard Deacon was as much part of the "Leave it to Beaver" show as were the regular cast members. His deep voice and his strict mannerisms only added to the role of Lumpy’s father.  Richard Deacon was not anything like Ward Cleaver though. Richard Deacon would die of cardiovascular disease in 1984.