If you love the revamped "Hawaii 5-0" show on CBS then you may want to learn about the "Hawaii 5-0" cast and find out more about each one. Not only is this a successful show, many of the cast members are well-known for other parts they have played on successful shows. Here is your list of the "Hawaii 5-0" cast.

  1. Alex O'Loughlin. Alex O'Loughlin was born in Australia where he studied acting before moving to Los Angeles. He has been seen in a variety of movies and television shows such as "The Back Up Plan" with Jennifer Lopez, "August Rush" and "White Out." He was a favorite as the star of "Moonlight," a show about a vampire. He has also guest starred in television shows such as "The Shield" and "Criminal Minds." He plays Steve McGarret as part of the "Hawaii 5-0" cast.

  2. Scott Caan. Scott Caan plays the part of Danny "Danno" Williams on the "Hawaii 5-0" cast. He is a writer, director and actor and is the son of James Caan. He has been seen in many feature films like "Ocean's 11," "Gone in 60 Seconds" and "Enemy of the State." He has had success with his own productions and as being a director. Scott resides in Los Angeles, California and was born there as well.

  3. Daniel Dae Kim. Daniel Day Kim may be most famous for his role on the hit show, "Lost" where he played one of the original main characters, Jin. He plays Chin Ho Kelly as part of the "Hawaii 5-0" cast. Daniel Dae Kim was born in South Korea but raised in the United States in New York and Pennsylvania. He has a significant background in stage and then moved on to films such as "Spider Man 2," "For the Love of the Game" and "The Jackyl." He currently lives in Hawaii but travels between Los Angeles and New York as well.

  4. Grace Park. Grace Park plays Kono Kalakaua on "Hawaii 5-0" but many fans know her from her extensive role on "Battlestar Galactica" where she played two roles that were leads; one as a human and the other as part of what the crew was fighting against. She was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Canada where she got a degree in psychology before becoming an actress. She was first cast in "Romeo Must Die" and then moved on to numerous television shows and movies. She currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. and enjoys stage work as well.

These actors are your "Hawaii 5-0" cast and hopefully you learned more about each cast member and what you may have seen them in before. At the very least you can find some of their other work if you are a fan.

-Kim Hill