"Fraggle Rock" is a children's TV fantasy series created by Jim Henson, featuring a set of his typically whacky muppets as the "Fraggle Rock" characters. The show aired from 1983 to 1987 for a total of five seasons. "Fraggle Rock" used its whimsical characters to portray complex real-life issues in a silly, energetic and musical way. These 10 "Fraggle Rock" characters brought the show to life.

  1. Gobo. Gobo is a puppet with orange skin and purple hair. He is an adventurous leader who instigates many of the stories in "Fraggle Rock."

  2. Red. With her yellow skin and wacky orange pigtails, Red is one wild puppet. She is always up for adventure, always energetic, takes pride in her strength and athleticism, and sometimes instigates conflict among the other "Fraggle Rock" characters.

  3. Wembley. The youngest Fraggle on the show, Wembley has yellow skin and hair and portrays a cheerful personality. Wembley comes across as very agreeable because he is insecure and avoids conflict with other "Fraggle Rock" characters.

  4. Mokey. Mokey is the oldest fraggle with purple skin, blue-gray hair and a long robe. She is sensitive and artistic. Mokey is very compassionate and watches over the other "Fraggle Rock" characters.

  5. Boober. Boober is characterized by his green skin, red hair and no eyes as far as we can see. Unlike the rest of the cheerful, silly "Fraggle Rock" characters, Boober is a paranoid worry wort who is consumed with various fears and phobias.

  6. Traveling Uncle Matt. Traveling Matt is Gobo's old uncle who travels around and sends Gobo postcards from his journeys. The Fraggles sometimes consult these postcards for ideas when they have a problem.

  7. Sprocket. This energetic and adorable dog makes it difficult for Gobo to collect his postcards from his uncle because Gobo believes that Sprocket is a scary Outer Space creature.

  8. The Doozers. The Doozers are small, green-skinned creatures who work in Fraggle Rock, mainly doing construction and mining with at unknown or non-existant goal or purpose. Their work is hindered by the larger "Fraggle Rock" characters, who enjoy eating the Doozer's buildings because they are made from radish dust.

  9. The Gorgs. The Gorgs are a family of giants who live in a castle outside of Fraggle Rock. Ma, Pa and Junior Gorg are the last of their kind. Junior enjoys chasing and catching the Fraggles, and the Fraggles enjoy stealing radishes from the Gorgs.

  10. The Trash Heap. The Trash Heap is an oracle who is located behind the Gorgs' castle. The Fraggles consult the Trash Heap oracle when they are in trouble and need help. She has two rodent sidekicks, Philo and Gunge.

-Anna Roberts