The "Fat Albert" characters are some of the most memorable cartoon characters in cartoon history. In chase you've forgotten, here's an overview of some of the members of the "Fat Albert" gang. 

  1. Fat Albert. Fat Albert, of course, is the main character of the cartoon series. Fat Albert Jackson is most widely known for his catch phrase: "Hey hey hey". Albert plays makeshift versions of bagpipes and the accordion when he plays in the Junkyard Band. The Junkyard Band is a jug band that some of the Fat Albert" characters play in. 

  2. Mushmouth. Mushmouth is kind of dumb and has a speech impediment. He is also the only "Fat Albert" character without a chin. 

  3. Weird Harold. Weird Harold is one of the "Fat Albert" characters who is not voiced by Bill Cosby. Gerald Edwards plays the voice of this tall skinny clumsy kid with mismatching socks and a yellow blazer. Weird Harold plays a home made harp in the band. 

  4. Rudy Davis. Eric Suter is the voice of this mischievous "Fat Albert" character. Rudy is usually the one getting into trouble with the other characters. Rudy plays the broomstick banjo in the Junkyard Band. 

  5. Dumb Donald.  Dumb Donald is probably the second most remembered "Fat Albert" character. Donald wears the huge green long sleeved shirt. He also wears that crazy pink hat that covers nearly his entire face. He plays a trombone made of pipes in the band. 

  6. Pee Wee. This little tyke did not appear in every episode. He usually admires the other "Fat Albert" characters. Pee Wee is good at kicking footballs and climbing into hard to reach areas to retrieve sports balls of varying kinds. 

  7. Mudfoot Brown. Mudfoot is a homeless man who appears in some episodes. The other "Fat Albert" characters usually look up to him when he gives them sage advice.