If you loved the television shows of the 80s, then you'll remember the "Facts of Life" cast. This hit comedy series is about four girls who attended Eastland Academy for Girls, a prestigious boarding school in Peekskill, New York. The core of the show centered around the antics of four characters: rich girl, tough girl, funny girl and young naive girl. They all were under the watchful eye of the school's dietician who played house mother and counselor to the girls. The show ran from 1979-1988 for a total of 200 episodes. The "Facts of Life" series was nominated for three Emmy's and two of the actresses won "Best Young Actor" awards.  

  1. Joanne 'Jo' Polniaczek played by Nancy McKeon. One of the most popular "Fast of Life" cast member was Nancy. She played the tough-as-nails character Jo from the Bronx who had an attitude. Nancy continued acting after the comedy series ended. She starred in a serious dramatic role as a police inspector in the hit series "The Division" from 2001-2004. Nancy directed a couple of episodes of "The Division" and produced a few made for television movies. She still acts today but currently left Hollywood to live in Texas with her husband and two kids.

  2. Blair Warner played by Lisa Welchel. Blair was one of the first spoiled rich girl characters you love to hate, but can't. Lisa retired from acting and released a gospel album in 1984. The album "All Because Of You" was nominated for a Grammy. Lisa's life now centers around homeschooling her three kids.

  3. Natalie Green played by Mindy Cohn. Natalie was the comic relief of the show. This "Facts of Life" cast member continued acting as a voice-over actor for cartoons. Mindy's longest role to date is Velma on the "Scooby-Doo!" series and television specials. 

  4. Dorthy 'Tooty' Ramsey played by Kim Fields. She was the youngest character on the show and the most naive. Kim did outgrow the pig-tails and braces after the series ended. This "Fast of Life" cast member went on to star in a grown-up role in "Living Single" from 1993-1997. Kim still continues to act, direct and produce projects for television.

  5. Edna Garrett played by Charlotte Rae. She added the adult role model to the girls at the boarding school. Charlotte went on to guest star in several television series after "Fact of Life" was canceled. She is still acting today at the age of 85.  

- Cynthia Gulley