The "Gunsmoke" cast is an array of talented and inspiring actors/actresses. The "Gunsmoke" tv series aired from 1955-1975, giving the world a lengthy run of this great western series. Each of these cast members helped make the show engaging and amazingly entertaining.

James Arness 

As a "Gunsmoke" cast member, Arness played the role of Marshall Matt Dillon, a U.S. Marshall who preserved law in Dodge City, Kansas. However, before acting he started his career as an announcer, and eventually hitchhiked to Hollywood where he would have many prominent roles. Of his many acting positions, he was Jim Bowie in the film "The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory" and Thomas Dunson in "Red River." His last role was again as Matt Dillon in the movie "Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice." He passed away in 2011, being remembered as a legendary actor.

Milburn Stone

This talented "Gunsmoke" cast member played Doc Adams on the famous tv series. As nephew of comedian Fred Stone, he continued this family line of entertaining with his skilled acting. He was featured in numerous films and series, including "Mr. Boggs Steps Out," "Crime School," and "Tail Spin." He also had a leading role in the film "Master Key" as Agent Tom Brant. Each of his roles was fulfilled with dedication and obvious comittment to the character.

Amanda Blake

This woman contributed both talent and unsurpassed beauty to the series. She is known as a red-head who brings a lively energy to the screen. However, she was not always involved in acting - in fact, she worked as a telephone operator before moving on to do film and tv shows. While a "Gunsmoke" cast member, she delivered personality and vivacity to the role of Miss Kitty. She also had parts in films such as "The Boost," "B.O.R.N." and "The Edge of Night."

Ken Curtis

This is an actor you can't forget after you see him perform. As a "Gunsmoke" cast member, he performed the role of Festus Haggin, a deputy to Marshall Matt Dillon. This roled was perfect for Curtis, the son of a sheriff. He also had large roles films such as "Pony Express Rider," "Black Beauty," and "All American Cowboy." He also had a strong singing career, which he often united with his roles in film. He even replaced Frank Sinatra in the Tommy Dorsey band.

Dennis Weaver

This talented actor was Chester Good as a "Gunsmoke" actor. While working with the rest of the "Gunsmoke" cast he clearly bonded well as he went on to form a singing trio with castmates Amanda Blake and Milburn Stone. After working with the series, he went on to have numerous roles, including the star role in "McCloud" as Marshal Sam McCloud. His final acting job was on ABC Family's "Wildfire" series, in a significant role as Henry.

-Jessica Fletcher