When watching Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes, you want to make sure you know as much about the episodes as possible. This is because they can become confusing if you’re not sure what is going on, and you just might become scared. Of course, all of the episodes that were made are supposed to make you afraid to watch them.

  1. “The Tale of the Phantom Cab.”This made it to the list of Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes because it was the first ever aired commercial. The phantom cab driver always asks people the same riddle, and only lets them go if they solve it right.

  2. “The Tale of the Lonely Ghost.”This episode made the list because of the eeriness about it. A girl tries to fit in with her cousin and friends, and spends the night at a haunted mansion to show them how cool she can be.

  3. “The Tale of the Twisted Claw.”A witch grants two boys wishes by using a monkey’s twisted, dry claw. The boys think she is bogus until their wishes come true. This is one of the most chilling episodes of season one.

  4. “The Tale of the Captured Souls.”Ever wonder about ghosts? This is another bone chilling Are You Afraid of the Dark episode that you shouldn’t miss out on Mirrors are used to steal people’s souls at a resort.

  5. “The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors.”This is an interesting episode that provides you with knowledge of vampires. The boy in the show suspects that his neighbors are vampires, and sets out to see if it is true.

  6. “The Tale of the Dark Music.”This is an Are You Afraid of the Dark Episode that teaches a little bit of history. When evil things come out of the basement when music is played, the boy in the episode does not think it is fun.

  7. “The Tale of the Final Wish.”This made the list because it is the first episode in the second season. The girl in the episode loves fairy tales, wishes, and dreams but when her family is put into a permanent sleep so she can live in a fairy tale world she thinks otherwise.

  8. “The Tale of Locker 22.”This has a history and chilling air about it which is why it makes the Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes list. A girl who receives locker 22 goes back in time to try to save the girl who last owned the locker.

  9. “The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor.”Two boys come across a whole floor filled with games, toys, and fun but also discovers aliens here looking for their alien child. This made the list because it is about aliens instead of ghosts.

  10. “The Tale of the Frozen Ghost.” A boy is haunted by a ghost boy who froze to death in the past. Melissa Joan Hart guest stars in this episode which makes it to the Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes list.