If you are a fan of television westerns you will love this list of the 10 best TV classic westerns. Everything from Gene Autry to The Big Valley is on any major western fan list of the greatest westerns of all times. Ask any western fan and the names come rolling off aimlessly from Bat Masterson down to Cheyenne and the history of these amazing men and women of the west is even more fascinating.

  1. "The Big Valley." The story of Ms. Barbara Stanwyck, along with her three sons, Nick, Health, Jared and daughter, Audra, is always on the top ten list of any western fan. The rich Barkley clan was always of interest with the many trials of Heath in his attempt to belong, along with the love interest of glamorous half sister Audra, hot tempered and quick fisted bouts of brother Nick and legal battles of Jared the attorney.

  2. "Branded." Not only is it a travesty of justice when you are branded, but to be branded a coward unjustly makes for a very interesting drama. Such is the story of Jason McCord, a United States Army Calvary Captain, played by Chuck Connors. McCord is branded a coward and travels the country in his attempt to prove he is not.

  3. "Daniel Boone." Action adventure television Western series starring Fess Parker.  Parker wears a raccoon hide, coon skinned cap and plays the American legend Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone aired from September 1964 through 1970. Patricia Blair played his wife Rebecca.

  4. "Davy Crockett." Again, Fess Parker plays the man larger than life who is able to kill a bear with his bare hands.  Davy Crockett, the series, aired in five one-hour episodes starring Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen.

  5. "F Troop." The West was never funnier than when F troop came on board and began to fight their way through Indians and wild cowboys. F Troop aired from September 1965 through April 1967. Ken Berry starred as Captain Wilton Parmenter, Forrest Tucker played Sergeant O'Rourke and Larry Storch played Corporal Agarn.

  6. "Have Gun - Will Travel." As a graduate of West Point, he played the most well-versed, well-rounded, educated and intellectual gun for hire ever. With a signature White Chess emblem, Paladin outwits, outdraws and outclasses any criminal of the old West. Richard Boone plays the lead role "Paladin."

  7. "Lawman." John Russell plays the starring role of 'Lawman' sheriff Dan Troop of Laramie along with deputy Johnny McKay played by adorable Peter Brown and Peggie Castle as Lilly Merrill owner and host of the Birdcage Saloon who has a romantic interest in Dan Troop.

  8. "Rawhide." Ever wonder where Clint Eastwood got his start? Well wonder no more. He began as the rambunctious, adorable Rowdy Yates in Rawhide. Rawhide was on the air from January 1959 to September 1966. Starring roles were played by Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood.

  9. "The Virginian." Western television series starring James Drury and Doug McClure, "The Virginian" aired from 1962 through 1971. James Drury plays the lead role as foreman "The Virginian" of the Shiloh Ranch.

  10. "Maverick." With four Maverick males each gambling greats, the western television series "Maverick" was a hit. Brett, Bart, Beau and Brent were each  caught up in their individual quest to keep their gambling winnings one way or the other from the hands of male or female thieves.