Social services, monsters and a direct waiting line to Hell conjures up the 10 best "Ugly Americans" episodes. Bureaucracy meets compassion and spells and ends up being a show that mixes surprise at it existing and then surprise that there's few things out there as good as it. Mosey on down to watch the best of zombies, werewolves and straight out laughter with these storylines:

"Kill Mark...Kill": The power of a wizard's wand and a long-standing grudge make this an easy favorite for top of the list. Evil loves a good friendship and the team up here is filled with greatness. Immortality comes at unseen costs and they are worth every penny.

"So You Want to Be a Vampire": "Twilight" gets its own roast in the sunlight as vampire love takes the front seat for this "Ugly Americans" episode. The self-consciousness of being a vampire even in a world filled with monsters sets the viewer up to examine the self but with more than enough self-deprecation. Cults can be funny as long as you don't drink the Kool-Aid.

"Better Off Undead": Love can be hell but conjoined love is more of a roller coaster without safety belts. Literal separation for one of the clients is the foundation for humor and relationships that take co-dependency to the next level. The idea of monsters needing protection from other monsters lends this episode a subtle genius.

"Demon Baby": Biological clocks tick hard on earth as well as in hell. Hormones of hellish proportions ricochet off the walls with almost fatal comedic results. Nothing like demons in a different kind of heat to make with the funny in "Ugly Americans".

"Sympathy for the Devil": Getting to see a pact with a devil fail miserably makes this a good story. That the pact was with a more than dirty politician takes it to greatness. Discovering that hell has quality control is worth the visual ride many times over.

"Pilot": From smacking you in the face with the opening scene, the first episode brings the supernatural realm into the daily grind of life. Social services in a world with the life handicapped hops, lurches and flies down the dark path of hilarity. Office politics maneuvers down all the low roads hitting all its marks as "Ugly Americans" unfolds leathery wings and soars above the land of comedy.

"An American Werewolf in America": When attacked by a werewolf the expectation is for blood and shedding. Instead of gore there is a copious amount of werewolf whining as he transitions into his new life. That special skewed perspective shines strong in this "Ugly Americans" storyline.

"Trolling for Terror": You can take the bridge away from the troll but never the troll from the bridge. Job placement with a riddling troll makes for painful fun in "Ugly Americans". A great prophecy on where reality television might be heading rounds this story out..

"Soul Sucker": Robots are scary enough when they're running around shooting lasers but add in a need to reproduce and you have humor and horror. A great take on passing on your lineage off with the miracle of technology. Inappropriate boundary jumping brings too many laughs for this episode to not make the list.

"Kong of Queens": Greatness occurs when you take the simple and see it with new eyes. An obsessive-compulsive giant gorilla that is a neat freak rubs hot sauce in that view and wipes up the laughs. A gruesome take on what responsibilities roommates have for each other makes a great "Ugly Americans" plot.