"Vampire Knight" episodes follow Yuki Cross, who was once attacked by a vampire but saved by another vampire. A decade later, Yuki works with a vampire hunter. The anime is based on the manga (comic) by the same name and made into two seasons each containing 13 episodes.

"Vampire Knight" Episodes

Season 1

  1. "Night of Vampires": The main characters are introduced and we learn about the setting at Cross Academy. Two classes of students are separated but sometimes intermingle; day class and night class.

  2. "Memories of Blood": Valentine’s Day forces the organization of a Valentine Exchange between the Night and Day class students at Cross Academy.

  3. "The Fang of Penitence": The main characters, Yuki and Zero, are tasked with searching for banned items or contraband amongst the dorms.

  4. "Trigger of Condemnation": Yuki is reunited with the vampire who saved her ten years earlier, which ignites hints of jealousy in Zero. Yuki is attacked and saved again.

  5. "Moonlight Festivities": Yuki receives a protection bracelet from her savior to ward off a certain vampire should he come after her again.

  6. "Their Choices":Zero’s former teacher attempts to kill him but Yuki stands in the way; her life is again put in danger in this episode; a consistent theme throughout the series.

  7. "The Scarlet Maze":Zero shares his back story with Yuki and Yuki is again saved by the vampire who saved her previously; another consistent theme throughout the series.

  8. "Gunshot of Sorrow":Zero is assigned to hunt down a Level E vampire; Yuki follows him.

  9. "Crimson Gaze": An upcoming event at the Cross Academy will provide mingling opportunity for the Night and Day Class students who are all excited.

  10. "The Princess of Darkness": Zero tutors Yuki for upcoming exams and reveals his feelings for her; feelings she doesn't exactly share, at least not on the same level as Zero.

  11. "Consequence of Desire": Yuki, after a new transfer student offers to help save Zero from transforming further, considers the proposal.

  12. "Vows of the Pureblood": Yuki offers her own blood if it will save Zero from becoming a Level E vampire.

  13. "Crimson Chains": Zero collapses but is offered pureblood by Yuki’s savior who would only save him (Zero) for Yuki.

Season 2

  1. "Burden of Sinners": Yuki struggles with her feelings and is attacked by the Vampire Council.

  2. "The Eternal Promise": Yuki witnesses a vampire party at which she is offered to be turned to vampire to spend eternity with her savior.

  3. "The Azure Portrait": Most students are gone for holiday; Yuki cuts her finger cooking and offers her blood to Zero.

  4. "Devil’s Awakening": The Hunter’s Association explains to Zero that his transformation to Level E vampire can only be stopped if he drinks the blood of a pureblood vampire, such as Yuki's savior.

  5. "The Subordinate’s Trap": Yuki has been hallucinating and decides to ask her savior about her past but during a hallucination she accidentally attacks him.

  6. "The Fake Lovers": Yuki’s savior orders Night Class students to protect her.

  7. "The Kiss of Thorns": Yuki still struggles with the continuing hallucinations and wishes for her savior to restore her memories.

  8. "Spiraling Recollections": Yuki’s savior reveals her past to her; a tough pill to swallow but necessary for Yuki's transformation through the storyline.

  9. "Revival of the Mad Emperor": Zero is conflicted over changes with Yuki. He is clearly concerned but has no idea what the best course of action is.

  10. "Prelude to the Battle":Yuki’s savior tells Zero of his destiny as the “knight” and how he has been strengthened by pureblood, pointing out that Zero has consumed the blood of not one but three pureblood vampires.

  11. "Two Souls": The Hunter’s Assocaition demands Zero be handed over which does not go over well.

  12. "World’s End": Yuki and several Night Class students go after another vampire who attempts to drink Yuki’s blood.

  13. "Vampire Knight": Zero finally reaches his destiny as the vampire knight, thus the title of the anime and manga series; Yuki joins her savior and they leave Cross Academy.

-Sasha Maggio