If you love Japanese culture, then this listing of the top anime series is for you. The following are some of the top anime series of all time, each with its own merits to its individual popularity. By watching one of these top anime series, you're giving yourself a great introduction to an amazing style of animation and artistry.

  1. "Cowboy Bebop." In the future, mankind travels the stars to reach new galaxies, and we have intergalactic bounty hunters looking for the next big payoff. This series simply drips style, from its jazz-infused soundtrack to the witty repartee amongst its main cast. It ends on a bit of an ambiguous note, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the top anime series that cannot be passed up by a fan of any type of animation.

  2. "Full Metal Alchemist." In a world where alchemists can create almost anything from certain materials, two brothers attempt the ultimate taboo of creating human life from simply components. What follows is one of the most gripping anime series of all time, rife with interesting characters and political intrigue. It might get long-winded at times, but it's definitely one of the top anime series that has since gained an amazingly-strong following.

  3. "Neon Genesis Evangelion." In the future, Earth is under siege by alien invaders and it's up to a group of teenagers to pilot giant automatons and destroy them. This differs from other "giant robot" anime for its stunningly-depressing plot, deep characters, and heavy religious symbolism. If you're looking for an anime that delves into deep existentialism, be sure to check out this top anime series. 

  4. "Great Teacher Onizuka." Onizuka is an ex-biker who just wants to meet some nice girls, so he decides to become high school teacher. What you get from this is one of the funniest yet most endearing anime series of all time. Onizuka is stupidly-simplistic at times and surprisingly-deep at others, while his students have their own relatable problems and dramas amongst themselves. If you're looking for something that makes high school fun all over again, be sure to check out this top anime series.