Picking out the 10 hottest anime girls is one of the more pleasurable responsibilities Break Studios writer has to face. Most of the animated ladies featured in anime are drawn to be pleasing to the eye. Variety abounds, and the hottest anime girls come in all sizes, with hair and eye colors not found in nature. If you are looking for some lovely eye-candy, check out our picks for the hottest anime girls:

  1. Faye Valentine from "Cowboy Bebop" tops our list of the hottest anime girls. This curvy purple-haired lovely is a bounty hunter is as beautiful as she is abrasive. However, she's tough and a strong member of her bounty-hunting team.

  2. Motoko Kusanagi from "Ghost in the Shell" is a cyborg, but, that doesn't make her any less attractive. Her plucky personality and killer curves make her one of the hottest anime girls.

  3. Misa Amane of "Death Note" is a blonde and glamorous model. Her obsessive crush on Light Yagami does tend to be a bit off-putting, but, we're willing to indulge it.

  4. Naru Narusegawa of "Love Hina" has a body that will knock you out if her left hook doesn't do it first. She's smart, loyal and dedicated to her studies, thought, which makes her one of the hottest anime girls for those of us who love intelligent women.

  5. Re-I Mayer from "Ergo Proxy" is sexy, stylish and cool as the barrel of a gun. Watching this hot anime girl navigate the bizarre android/human world in search of a murderer is immensely entertaining.

  6. Naomi Misora from "Death Note" is not only one of the hottest anime girls, she's also one of the smartest ones. Her story is tragic, but she's a pleasure to watch.

  7. Lyar Von Ertiana from "Divergence Eve" is a talented commander who teaches the new pilots. She really wants to find someone and get married, and her yearning is part of what makes her one of the hottest anime girls.

  8. Trish from "Devil May Cry" is a merciless freelance demon hunter. While she's often willing to lend a hand, there's usually something in it for her, too. She's dangerous, but, that's one of the qualities that make her one of the hottest anime girls.

  9. Misato Katsuragi from the "Neon Genesis Evangelion" animes has almost a split personality. On the job, she is perfect and professional. Her home life reveals a very different personality. The complexity makes her one of the hottest anime girls.

  10. Nami from "One Piece" has big eyes and red hair that coul drive anyone mad. Be sure not to lose your wallet along with your heart; this hot anime girl is a highly skilled pickpocket.