The top 10 animated TV shows of all time are typically the silliest, strangest or the most violent television shows. The angry mom brigades ruined cartoonland with "Care Bears" and other nonsense. Therefore, most of the best animated TV shows are pretty old, but some of the newer cartoons are pretty dang good, too. The following is a list of some of the best of the old and new animated TV shows of all time. 

  1. "Droopy" The ultimate Taoist master in the cartoon world is a humble little dog named Droopy. He seems to always get mixed up with outlaw characters who try to kill him. Their tactics always backfire on them, however. "Droopy" is probably the most violent animated TV show of all—and one of the funniest. 

  2. "Tom and Jerry" This animated TV show is right up there with "Droopy" as far as violence levels are concerned. Join Tom the cat as he haphazardly chases Jerry the mouse all over the house. It is always funny whenever Tom steps on a garden rake and smashes his nose regardless of how many times you have seen this gag. 

  3. "Looney Tunes" Just about every character in this classic cartoon series has a speech impediment. There's a stuttering pig, a duck who spits when he talks, a cat who does the same and a bird who can't pronounce his Cs. "Looney Tunes" was consistently both funny and violent right on up through the mid-1980s. 

  4. "Woody Woodpecker" This classic animated TV show by Walter Lantz is about as zany as "Looney Tunes" and sometimes just as violent. When it's not violent, it's very surreal. Don't miss this wise cracking bird as he foils alligators, quiz show hosts and the like. Walter Lantz also created some other brilliant cartoons such as Chilly Willy, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Maw and Paw. 

  5. "Yogi Bear"Yogi Bear and his sidekick Boo-Boo do not seem to have violent adventures like some of the animated TV shows above. However, they are very funny when outwitting the ranger and picknickers at Jellystone National Park. 

  6. "The Pink Panther" Out of all the classic animated TV shows, "The Pink Panther" is probably the most psychedelic. This makes sense because this surreal pink feline began starring on NBC in 1969. The show was incredible until he obtained a child and eventually learned how to talk. 

  7. "Scooby Doo" A group of meddling kids travel around solving mysteries in a green van with pot smoke streaming from the window. At least some folks speculate about the nature of the smoke. This animated TV show originated in 1969 as a result of pressure from angry mom brigades who said that cartoons were too violent. "Scooby Doo" is still quite funny and entertaining as it is almost a parody of the youth culture of the era. 

  8. "The Flintstones" The '60s also brought us a typical stone age family with a dinosaur as a pet. Join Fred and Wilma, their neighbors and Fred's feisty boss in a mildly entertaining animation classic. You won't find much violence in this show, but the characters are quite amusing. 

  9. "Cow and Chicken" Creator David Feiss was a genius. Cow and chicken are apparently siblings with human parents who foil the evil character called The Red Guy in every episode. The Red Guy poses as a different strange character every time. It first appeared on the Cartoon Network in 1997. 

  10. "Duckman" Duckman is a widowed private eye duck in Los Angeles who solves some pretty strange mysteries. The voice of Dweezil Zappa animates Duckman's oldest son, Ajax. Don't miss this very bizarre series that aired on the USA Network in 1994. The sheer lunacy makes it one of the top animated TV shows of all time.