Have you ever considered which were the best "ThunderCats" characters from the classic 80s cartoon? You remember ThunderCats as the cat-people that had to leave their home, Thundera, and find themselves on Third Earth. This is harder than it seems, because they all can kick butt except Snarf. This great cartoon made many viewers consider felines in an entirely different way. This reading will provide you with a recap of the best ThunderCats characters, and tell you why they're great.

  1. Mumm-Ra the Ever Living. Mumm-Ra is the enemy of the ThunderCats, who wants the Eye of Thundera. He is an immortal mummified being with tremendous powers given to him by the Ancient Spirits of Evil. Mumm-Ra is also one of the best ThunderCat characters because he is "wherever evil exists" and speaks boldly even when in decayed form.

  2. Cheetara. Cheetara is a female member of the ThunderCats who left Thundera for Third Earth. Her feline persona is in the form of a cheetah with intense running speed. Cheetara is one of the best ThunderCats characters due to her intuition, which helps her sense when malevolence is close by.

  3. Jaga. Jaga the Wise is the elderly advisor of the ThunderCats, who died in the first episode. However, this jaguar-like entity comes back regularly in the form of a spirit to advise the ThunderCats. Jaga is one of the best ThunderCats characters because even death cannot keep him from doing his duty.

  4. Ben-Gali. Ben-Gali is a one of the newer ThunderCats who escaped Thundera before it perished. His cat form is the Bengal tiger and he is the blacksmith that can repair the Sword of Omens. Ben-Gali is one of the best ThunderCats characters because he looks cool – a white tiger that is blue.