A strong female lead with an ensemble cast that delivers laughs defines the 10 best episodes of "Kim Possible" High school has its share of pitfalls and danger zones, but add a second career of spying and the stress climbs. So throw on the cartoons, grab a juice box and happily regress with this list:

"Tick-Tick-Tick". Certain tiny things in this big world are scary, like insects. The robot ticks provide generalized terror and that makes this one of the best "Kim Possible" episodes. Add the horror of detention even if you have saved the world and you've got an episode that flat out rocks.

"Monkey Fist Strikes". Monkeys bring both adventure and comedy to any subject matter. With Ron being fearful of apes, a nice underlying suspicious tone of the primate world is thrown into the mix Fighting monkeys are sweet visual beauty but fighting a monkey takes this "Kim Possible" episode and slams it into the list monkey-style.

"Graduation". A smorgasbord of characters gets packed into this double episode. Professor Dementor, voiced by Patton Oswalt, gives a few great scenes along with a huge collection of villains that make this the catchall season ending episode. Nothing says graduation like having a ton of people who aren't your fans showing up to wreck everything.  Ron Stoppable, in this "Kim Possible" episode, shows that the common worries of high school are just as important as trying to save the world.

"Bad Boy". Ron decides to reinvent himself, which is a fairly classic occurrence for school age children, as they want to fit in and be liked. The amusin weapon of the attitudinator ends up making Ron evil and Drakken good and role reversal hijinx ensue. Dealing with role reversals and self-sacrific drive this "Kim Possible" episode to the forefront.

"Rufus in Show". Rufus the mole rat pulls a "Donnie Brasco" and heads into the seedy underbelly of dog shows. A great little conversation about a priceless diamond with Ron naming what to him is a huge amount is perfect. Rufus struts his stuff and brings the audience along with him.

"Mad Dogs and Aliens". A tough time letting go along with the infectious disease of mascot envy makes this one to watch. Sometime a giant sweaty costume is hard to let go of and Ron Stoppable is none too pleased with the new mascots in town. Letting go, even if it's something goofy in the minds of others is something everyone has to deal with at some point and so Mad Dog becomes Mad Dogs.

"The Cupid Effect". What bigger holiday is there in high school than the heart crusher of Valentine's Day? Ron scrambles around while the pressure to be a good boyfriend builds. An insightful and hilarious look into Valentine's Day takes this episode to the top ten.

"Rappin' Drakken". Mind control rears its ugly head again both in a new evil shampoo and in reality television. A funny take on how harsh teachers will grade even if the world thinks what you do is world class places this as a very amusing "Kim Possible" episode. Hypoallergenic pet moles get the respect they finally deserve.

"Job Unfair". The real world awaits the cast and Kim gets to shadow the janitor. The severity of the janitor adds a great element of foil and humor to this episode. All jobs have something to teach and this one makes cleaning as intense as boot camp.

"The Twin Factor". Mind control can be either a terrible idea or an even worse idea, and after being the test subject of a mind control chip, Kim Possible still gives it a try on he brothers. An enjoyable "Kim Possible" episode where her little brothers show off their big brains but still fail when it comes to being babysat. Shego's bizarre tasks while under the influence of the mind control should be an entire show on its own.

-Matthew Lagenfeld