It's a debate you might hear late one night in a bar: Which "Flintstones" episodes are the best of all time? Given the longevity of the series, there are almost too many episodes to choose from to pick the best moments of Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm. Fortunately, late in 2010, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the "Flintstones" cartoon, the Boomerang Network (available on cable television) picked out and aired its favorites. So, courtesy of Boomerang (rather than Fred's two feet), here are the best "Flintstones" episodes ever:

  1. "The Flintstone Flyer'' Barney channels Thomas Edison in developing a flying machine. Fred is skeptical at first but once he's sees the machine soar, he gets excited and labels it the Flintstone Flyer. Later, as part of a ruse to get out of going to the opera, Fred feigns illness and he and Barney use the Flintstone Flyer to get to the bowling alley. Unfortunately, the bowling alley is adjacent to the Opera House!

  2. "The Hot Piano'' One of the hilarious aspects of the "Flintstones" was the ability of the creators to satirize modern life. In this 1961 episode, Fred decides to get Wilma a baby grand piano for their anniversary—a "Stoneway" piano. Fred's plan gets a little off-track when he buys the Stoneway from a suspicious character named "88 Fingers Louie."

  3. ''The Blessed Event'' According to Boomerang, this 1963 episode was the series' highest-rated and most famous episode. Viewers got to meet baby Pebbles for the first time, but not before Fred again engages in some of his classic buffoonery. Fred tries preparing for Wilma going into labor, but it of course all goes awry and it looks like she'll give birth well short of the hospital.

  4. ''The Man Called Flintstone" The creators of this series were doing satirical spoofs long before the Airplane series came into modern consciousness. In this case, Fred is called upon to serve his country in place of a wounded spy. As a result, he and the family find themselves in the midst of some dangerous business—trying to capture the spy the Green Goose.

  5. ''Little Bamm-Bamm'' The cast of characters expands once again with the introduction of Little Bamm-Bamm. In this 1963 episode, Barney and Betty are constantly visiting Fred and Wilma to entertain Pebbles. But Fred—being Fred—gets sick of the presence and kicks them out! Later, Betty and Barney make a wish upon a star and before long, Barney finds a basket containing a little boy. 

If those five aren't enough of a Bedrock Bonanza, there is always the 1994 full-length feature film "The Flintstones" starring John Goodman, Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell.