Knowing the best Bakugan battle gear is essential to getting the most from the battles you go through. If you are not properly suited, you are not going to get very far in battle. Not only will you be able to defend yourself and fight, but you can get the most from the battle as well when you show off the battle gear you have.

Boomix. This is the second longest and heaviest of all Bakugan battle cannons that can be worn. The cannons can fire guided lasers to attack enemies. Only the strongest of Bakugan can wear them. It has to be physically held in order to fire and is extremely accurate at hitting its target.

Swayther. When attacked, this spreads its wings and attacks back using two blaster missiles. One barrel is fire and the other is freezing material. It can drop large bombs and incinerate anything in its way.

AirKor. This provides the user with wings to fly at tremendous speeds with. It can withstand multiple blows and is made from a heavy metal. It also allows the user to hover in air. It uses large energy bolts against its opponents when wearing this piece of Bakugan battle gear.

Lansor. The Lansor is a lethal throwing spear. The tip is unbreakable and has a shield at the base to protect the user from intrusions.

Battle Crusher. This gear resembles a serpent made out of crystals. The crystals absorb the enemy’s attacks and send the attacks back at double the amount of damage. There is also a strong beam at the top of the gear. This can attach to Aranaut to cast a shield around the user for ultimate protection.

Blasteroid. This is the mechanical tail of Dragonoid Colossus. It is mechanical gear and it can swipe out enemies at amazing speeds and with a large amount of force with Bakugan battle gear. 

Spartablaster. The cone on the back of this gear opens to reveal deadly spikes that shoot heating sensors. The cone then spins like a helicopter blade to lift the user, and there is also a heat beam that can melt opponent’s shields.

Vicer. The sword on this gear unleashes a laser to destroy the opponent. The claws heat up and can grab and melt an opponent’ weapon. Plasma attacks can be initiated through the cannon and can combine to form a large weapon that can nullify the enemy’s gate card using the Bakugan battle gear.

Razoid. This provides the user with two giant razor claws. There is a diamond that puts the enemy into a trance and then the user can swipe them out. The claws allow the user to dig underground for stealthy attacks.

Axator Gear. This is a piece of Bakugan battle gear that is used for a battle launcher that mounts on the back of a user. It provides devastating attacks when used.