George Lucas hasn’t done anything right for a while. Not since creating the greatest trilogy ever anyway. After that he tried to increase their awesomeness with three asinine prequels that have tainted the Star Wars trilogy forever. But his attempt to bring his various intergalactic dignitaries to the small screen has actually worked wonders, with “Star Wars : The Clone Wars” actually being pretty kick ass. Here are the shows greatest ever episodes.


 “Landing At Point Rain”


The fifth episode of season two is an adrenaline rush of war action that sees Clones getting destroyed left, right and center. Seriously. You can’t move because of the destruction. This episode is filled with tremendous gun battles and fights, each of which were missing from each of the later film. Now you have a chance to remember why Star Wars is so good.

“Clone Cadets”


The first episode of season 3 focuses all of its attention on the Clone Troopers, specifically the basic training of a young group of fighters each of whom struggle under the pressure from their drill instructor. Suddenly you find yourself caring for each of these war-torn individuals and there is a genuine emotion at the core of this episode.

 “Bounty Hunters”


One of the latter episodes of season two is a blatant homage to Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samuari, with Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ashoka and four other gun toting bad asses having to defend a farming community from some pirates. It’s almost a shot for shot remake of the classic action film but is still immense none the less.