"South Park" Facebook episode quotes come from mocking the iconic film series "Tron." Stan gets forced into making a Facebook account and things begin to get out of control. Facebook sucks him into the "grid" and he finds the inner workings of how things really are. This episode is made to comment on the beast that Facebook has become and how Facebook affects self-identity.

  1. "Kyle, this is the way the world works: If you wanna find some quality friends, you gotta wait through all the dicks first." This is one of the most metaphorical quotes for this generation. "South Park" makes it a mission to point out the flaws of social networking. This quote takes place when Eric is attempting to show Kyle how "easy" it is to make friends on the internet. However, they are continuously bombarded by perverse men showing their private parts.

  2. "Why are you guys in here wasting your time? We're supposed out playing video games." Stan, the internal pessimist, is the creator of this quote. He can't understand why everyone likes Facebook so much. The writers for "South Park" knew that anyone who was a nay-sayer about Facebook probably still enjoyed playing video games and staying inside and watching TV. This quote shows what happens in a society filled with technology that takes the place of placing outside and being a "normal" kid.

  3. "My Facebook profile went rogue, dad. Had to go into the circuitry and do battle with it. I sent all my friends somewhere else." This quote comes from Stan who is being confronted by his father about not being Facebook friends anymore. His father doesn't seem to understand what Stan is talking about. This comes at the end of the episode where Stan had to battle Facebook in order to delete his account.